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Ask aN EXPERT · Where to buy Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer, and take you further. Kindly. What size are you looking to . . I don't need them just at the moment but I have been looking around at replacement tyres for when the time comes. I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about that? And if these XL  If you decide to buy winter tires for your car, you also have the choice of whether you want them to have their own set of rims or not. Unlike current runflats, which are all OE marked, the DriveGuard  Send or print this tyre's information. I don't think they say Load Range E anywhere on the tire, but Continental's documentation says 80psi max. Bike Tyres - Buy Branded Bike Tyres at India's Best Online Shopping Store. Patagonia - Cloud Ridge Jacket - Hardshell jacket Dispatch within 24h - Buy online now! 30 Day Return Policy Expert advice Free delivery to UK We offer a wide range of mens, womens and childrens road bikes for beginners that are just starting out to professionals looking to improve their performance, with road bikes  Extra load tyres can cause some confusion for motorists everywhere ? how do you know when you should be using them compared to normal tyres? Not only that, but you might have noticed there are few different types and this can make it even harder to make the right choice. 6 Jul 2015 CEAT has launched a new tyre size in its Mile XL and Mile XL ribes series for small commercial vehicles. ADVAN NEOVA® AD08R; benefits; Size; Customer Reviews; Warranty. Probably the most legitimate purpose of CO2 inflators for bicycles is for inflating tubeless tires. XL tyres can travel for a greater total distance without suffering internal damage, even in case of intensive use. Other benefits of the DriveGuard are availability and pricing. They look similar and until you get them on the car, you don't 4 May 2012 Mods: There is no tyre thread for motorcycle tyres. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to be weighed. Whats the deal with tyres marked with reinforced or extra load? I'm looking to get a set of tyres and seeing reinforced version of Dunlop Sport Maxx costing a little more than standard versions of Dunlop Sport Maxx. tyre) that the side is not great. 2 Continuous shoulder rib makes for uniform tread wear. What is meant by “Ply Rating?” In the early days of bias tires, casing strength was built up by adding layer upon layer of cotton fabric. I Run flat (or self supporting) tyres are specially designed to keep working for a short while even after they suffer a puncture. Check Price in India and Buy Online. This includes both mechanical (shock) and acoustic (noise) comfort. I felt if will be helpful for others who want to change the tyres on their bikes so that they can choose better ones available in the market. Get info by email. I'm looking in my manual and says nothing about reinforced/extra load tyres. The letters M and S (M +S) indicate that the tire meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association's standards for a mud and snow tire. Since it is an XL rated tire, should the tire pressure be higher? The tire shop set the tires to 35psi (factory spec). Apr 23, 2015 What Benefits Do Reinforced Tyres Bring? The advantages of reinforced tyres results from their increased load capacity. Get by Text. 11 Feb 2015 The benefits of buying a 4x2 ute A Ford Ranger XL Double Cab Ute High Ride 4x2 turbodiesel with an automatic transmission is priced from $36,990 while the same ute with in 4x4 is They are slightly less truck-like in their handling, and are also easier on consumables like brake pads and tyres. Such a tyre The standardised tyre label includes not only width and inner diameter of the tyre, but also an indication of its profile. Disadvantages: - high turnover volume. At Easywheels, not only do we provide you  I have a Focus ST with 235/40-18XL tires. You either need to use an air compressor (good luck carrying that with you on your  Bike Tyres - Buy Branded Bike Tyres at India's Best Online Shopping Store. fbimg2. Rovi. one is 92Y  Not run-flats. Lower sidewalls and increased rigidity make every unevenness in the road more noticeable than on comparable tyres with a higher profile. All-season tires carry this mark. The lightly-siped CrossClimate was a close second, averaging 43. Tyre benefits and technologies; Recommended fitments; Alternative tyres; Link to PDF. The layers were placed with the thread in each layer at an angle to each other. 87secs and the  4. The new tyre size – 205 D14 Mile XL – is claimed to be a premium tyre for the small CV segment. Called 'Cross Climate', the new tyre mixes the best of summer and winter tyre technology. The Ply Rating  29 Jul 2015 Lower driving comfort is among the main drawbacks of using low profile tyres. 30 Sep 2016 You've probably spent hours researching which is the best car seat to buy to keep your kids safe, or maybe you specifically bought a car with lots of safety equipment to protect you in the event of a crash, so why is it we tend to scrimp when it comes to tyres? Maybe it's because in the grand scheme of things  23 Jan 2015 Looking to buy some 225 40 r18 tyres have seen loads of different ones looking for a budget performance tyre anyway seen some kinda extra load tyres which interests me Since common sense says it will be a stronger tyre and maybe would maybe be able to help with future alloy damage over bumps and  I can't find anyone who can explain exactly how extra load tyres are different and why my Mondeo might need them. The summer tyre was the fastest round the track, completing the lap in an average of 43. Michelin has made the bold decision to develop a summer tyre that can also work in winter. In order to achieve optimal driving characteristics Continental recommends that the same tires are fitted on all wheel positions of your vehicle. So far tyre dealers have told me they are "because it's an estate" "because it will do 130mph" "because its a heavy car". 1 Oct 2015 Reinforced tyres - advantages and disadvantages What are reinforced tyres? Every size of tyre has Markings of reinforced tyres – Extra Load. Send to mobile. It used to loose traction quite a lot on dusty roads and in the wet. The letters can be found in the following combinations: M+S, M/S, and M&S. The rim is 18". fbimg3  15 Feb 2016 The new DriveGuard has achieve an A for wet grip and C for fuel economy, bettering Bridgestone's current non-runflat offering and equalling some of the best touring tyres available. So before I could legally drive a car, I thought I understood the differences between passenger and light truck tires. Anyone know if Kia insists XL tyres are needed on the Sportage. What are the characteristics of reinforced tyres intensive use. 4 Deeper tread allows for good retreadability. That added strength, because the tensions would be distributed throughout the layers of fabric. 2 Ventilated and reinforced buttress protects from cuts and cracks  Features and Benefits. Download / Print. Oh I have also the same setup but @ rear its ceat zoom XL 140/70 17 CyanogenMod 11 . Hi all. To the best of my knowledge (very much open to correction), XL = eXtra Load. 31 Aug 2010 They are on the back now and will be moving to the front in the next few months and Im open to getting non XL ones next. 37sec per lap, the winter 44. Learn more about these tyres. 33sec. Icons. I used this tire knowing I assumed all  9 Sep 2010 - 5 min - Uploaded by Continental Tyres TVChoosing a tyre can be difficult. I know they are “standard” on my Here, we will look at the various advantages and disadvantages to reinforced tyres, as well as under which circumstances they are worth purchasing. 31-Aug-2010 21:58 #2. The first thing I noticed was the “LT” molded on  7 Oct 2016 Dry handling again highlighted the disadvantage heavy siping has in dry weather performance. , i wish to change the stock tyre on my bird with a broader one. Should I be running a higher pressure? Any disadvantages to running a little higher PSI  XL tyres may have a load index load index of 93 or even 95 compared to an identical non-reinforced tyre. Essentially, tyres bearing this stamp are designed for heavy cars rather than ones that carry big loads. Tyres specified and built for  26 Nov 2007 I've often seen 'XL' stamped on tyres. Focus ST does not currently have a 95Y XL for Focus. My car (Audi A4) doesn't specify that extra load tyres are needed. 1 Heavy & strong casing lends higher durability to tyre. fbimg1. The ADVAN Neova AD08R features . Reinforcement usually involves an increase in the tyre's weight and mass, which again leads to higher fuel consumption. 3 Special tread compound makes for long tyre life. So if you get a puncture on a cold, dark night, there's no need for an uncomfortable roadside tyre change – you should be able to safely drive home* or to your nearest garage to get your tyre changed. Usually you will notice an appreciable increase in ride harshness and noise using XL tyres, there are some around that use different materials in the sidewalls to try and counteract these disadvantages but as a rule XL tyres will give a harder and noisier ride, if you don't need them stick to standard ratings. 26 May 2010 A driver should consider XL tire options when plus sizing any wheel packages or if more feedback from the tire is desired. Other than the price, I do not see any disadvantages to it, as Hondas are very reliable and they do have a good service network even in rural areas. 1 Lightning-shaped tread pattern provides for superior wet grip. How do reinforced tyres differ from standard tyres Designations of reinforced tyres – “Reinforced”. Tube Type tyres have a little more options than the Tubeless Tyres. I notice that in a lot of lines, there are both normal and extra load tyres, normally within a few quid of each other. My sister even hurt herself pretty bad one time because of those shitty tires. Drivers seeking a firmer ride and enhanced car control would not need to be concerned with the XL warning when comparing different tires to match their driving expectations. Increased tread  Thankyou for the replies - posted the question purely for the reason would it be worthwhile for a few extra pounds to move over to XL/Reinforced tyres over my standard ones fitted at the moment {as Michael stated} regarding safety - are there any big advantages or any disadvantages - although explained  14 May 2013 If you have ever phoned a tyre fitter to enquire about the cost of replacement tyres for your vehicle, you will know that there is a huge range of tyres available for virtually any car – from world-renowned premium brands at premium prices, to wide choice of mid-range tyres, to budget tyres from brands that  Get complete details for CEAT Mile XL SL + HD (Bus) tyre for your truck. But first  I can tell you about my experience with both. There is nothing I can see in the handbook re needing extra loads. com. Some tires have unique benefits, as showcased with specific icons. What does this mean, and is there a performance advantage? XL stands for Extra Load – or is sometimes referred to as Reinforced. Tyre benefits and technologies  I am thinking about the "Extra Load" version in my size, because I am hoping that it means it has a stiffer sidewall, therefore having less sidewall rollover, and therefore taking away one of the disadvantages of having an allseason. Free delivery; Delivery time: . Will the The Honda Cliq has chunky off-road bias tyres, the XL comes with ribbed tyres, which basically has no grip at all. It is ungoverned and drag limited to about 150 mph, not that I intend to drive that fast. Advantages and disadvantages? Rovi's Avatar. If you need to replace or repair a tubeless tire, chances are you will have zero luck inflating the tire if you try to use a hand pump. What Are Reinforced Tyres? Every size of car tyre has  13 Jul 2017 Honda Cliq vs TVS XL 100. The use of reinforcement may involve increasing the thickness of the face (under the tread) and shoulder of the tyre. Get PDF. My sister's Kinetic Nova 115 came with CEAT tires. 7 Sep 2009 "XL" or Extra Load Tyres - posted in Tyres / Wheels: This I have wondered for years, its easy to say "XL tyres have reinforced sidewalls", but there must be more to it than that. Tyre Vidoes, Ratings and Reviews available here! Take a step forward with MILE XL SL+ HD. Not only are they constructed to  Res. Oct 7, 2016 Dry handling again highlighted the disadvantage heavy siping has in dry weather performance. Tyre size: 195/45 R16; Speed index: V = max 240 km/h; Load index: 84 = max 500 kg; Season: Summer; Vehicle type: Car. This is  I had spent the year prior to my 16th birthday working at my father's tire shop unloading and stocking tires in between janitorial duties and whitewall scrubbing. disadvantage of 18" wheels. 23 Apr 2015 The more important drawbacks to reinforced tyres are: Higher noise levels. Find Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 195/45 R16 84 V XL tyres online. This is Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Profile Tyres. Further, CEAT says the new tyre is one of its kind and will. Especially important is that the tire size load, index and speed  What benefits do reinforced tyres bring? The advantages of reinforced tyres result from their increased load capacity: When normal and reinforced tyres are used in the same way, the latter will last for longer. Free Shipping and Home Delivery at Flipkart. Is a 29er mountain bike for you? Learn the pros and cons of a bigger wheel size and how it will fit you. In other words tires of the same brand, tread pattern tire size, load index and speed symbol should be fitted all round. What I want to know is, why, and whats the benefit? For example, lets say we have have two tyres, same make & model,. And now, we've had the chance to test the tyre back-to-back against winter, all-season and summer rubber - on an indoor ski slope. 1 Self-cooling buttress contour makes for cooler running and improved safety. 2 Wide contact patch area ensures stable ride and confident handling  Features and Benefits. Tyre benefits and technologies; Recommended fitments; Alternative tyres. Features and Benefits. I can find plenty of talks about not using a lower SPEED rated tire, even if you don't drive that fast because of adverse affects on handling in how the tire reacts with the suspension. Send by email

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