Why does my youtube keep pausing itself

Every time I skip an ad at the beginning of a video, the video itself starts off paused instead of automatically playing after the ad is skipped. The thing is that, even though the video is buffered completely, it just pauses. 5 Oct 2010 Hey. I cleared my cookies & still no help. However, they are not without some errors, but this should not make you fail to get the best out of your handset or even stop searching for a solution. I used the headphone that came with my PS4 and it caused the problem, it kept restarting but YouTube was still pausing until i changed  2 Aug 2017 YouTube videos pausing, freezing or stopping after a few seconds? Here's a Many people are frustrated that YouTube videos stop playing - or freeze or pause - after a few seconds. 1. Whether they are YouTube videos, video received on WhatsApp and from other social media platforms, most of our time on the phone is spent on the video content. See if some application, process, or service takes all of the CPU, memory, drive read/writes,  The first step is to look deeper into what may be happening. i went to youtube and tried every possible way to fix it, still nothing. I can't even uncheck the 'Pause'  28 Jan 2018 Unfortunately, none of this is possible with the YouTube app on Android and iPhone. If your device is running Android 6 or  4 Mar 2015 GitHub is where people build software. For instance, some Galaxy S8 users reported to having with their  The past few days, anytime I use anything that has a pause feature, YouTube video, angry birds, etc. when listening to music through my headphones music pauses and i have to press play every 5 seconds. By troubleshooting each of these problems in turn, you can return to smooth and uninterrupted playback. And heaven forbid I should have any other windows or tabs open when this happens because they'll suddenly stop loading or get REALLY laggy. A number of Samsung Galaxy users,  10 Feb 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by eHindi-UrduHow to Fix YouTube Videos That Stopping or Pausing Automatically Hindi-Urdu How to Fix When I play any video in my new samsung s5, it keeps on pausing again & again. The videos also YouTube itself now uses HTML5 as the default way to play videos, having dropped Flash back in 2015. It just randomly pauses whatever I'm listening to, even on Youtube. it behaves almost as if it's buffering the. Although it is annoying It didn't  30 Jul 2014 I'm using a rooted ZTE Force and the latest version of YouTube (5. YouTube. There is a strange thing that keeps happening to the game. i did a factory reset first thing, when i try to go to my ringtones, i keep getting crashed out with a android. process. For now Greenify and 360 Security app have been identified as killing the app playback service way too often. Didn't have this problem until iOS 11. Autopause for running I make sure the GPS is locked in before I start. I got a serious annoying problem, I startet using unity3d, and it's the best i've tryed untill now, but lets say that i'm making a game, and wanna try the scene by pressing the 'Play' button then it just pauses 1 second after I hit 'play' and I don't even touch the 'Pause' button. When I hit the pause, the red line stops completely so its  This can happen when battery saver settings are enabled on the device or similar 3rd party apps. The app has to be active in the foreground and the phone display should be turned on else YouTube will immediately stop playback. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix for it? YouTube videos jumping or stuttering is symptomatic of problems with your Internet connection, the system resources available on your computer, or the YouTube service itself. Tell me this - what is the point of having  14 Jul 2010 Specifically, Miles is wondering why YouTube sometimes starts and stops playback rather than buffering the entire video (or most of it, anyway) and then playing it. Note that while videos are playing, this View has a minimum size of  It is actually possible to listen to music videos on YouTube in the background -- here's how. So you press the spacebar on your keyboard, but rather than pause the video, you randomly jump down the page instead. 86 GHz CPU, 3 GB  11 Oct 2017 The video right at the top of your home screen will play as soon as you open the app and, as you scroll down, it will stop and the one displayed below it will start. media has stopped working message. Even videos downloaded to the phone itself. I use a sony headphone. It will just randomly pause repeatedly. I noticed that this happens on the YouTube website itself as well. what can i do to fix this  How do I stop Autoplay from stopping on youtube? I'm trying to play a soundtrack in the background while I work in other windows and tabs. Spotify. In that case, make sure to disable those settings/apps in order to fix the issue. 10 Apr 2016 But, video freezing and pausing problem on Instagram does not affect Google Chrome installed on my Google Android tablets, the Instagram App for Android. This is a fantastic way to keep yourself entertained when commuting or working out. “I was having the same problem where as when I get notifications my youtube video will pause and my music would stop when opening Snapchat or getting a message on Snapchat but I  8 Nov 2017 “Is anyone else having a problem with Snapchat pausing your music playback? My music is playing through Bluetooth car stereo and when I open Snapchat it pauses the music. This goes for my music app, YouTube videos, and even videos on Facebook. I thought it had something to do with signal, but it happens with my Audible app as well and those books are downloaded. 7. If the problem affects only one video, . Use Task Manager, Performance Monitor, and Resource Monitor to observe what all is happening on your computer while you watch YouTube Videos. What gives? Answered! View the answer I have this problem  31 Jan 2017 i am unable to get through a single track without the song stopping randomly somewhere during the song. am facing a problem on myz10. Strava keeps the mileage and records the course, however because of the constant starting and pausing the time is not accurate. 16 Dec 2016 Hi, my z5 compact keeps on pausing when ANY media is playing. 26 Feb 2017 Keeps happening to me too. Yesterday while skipping through a movie on my laptop with Media Player Classic, at one point it began stuttering. So I have. I didn't install anything new. If you are listening to music through your android phone and you get a text message or email,  i wish some one would solve this problem, pausing it will not solve the problem because many sites other then youtube often only allow a small amount of buffering at a time, so it will still end up freezing after a short period  The issue is also reported when users connect iPhone music to wireless speaker the audio playback skips and often disconnects itself. Whenever I'm not directly on the browser tab with youtube, it pauses at the end of the song instead of starting up the next one. It is very annoying & youtube is pretty much unwatchable as i have 100psn friends who go on or offline very frequently. The first step is to look deeper into what may be happening. No idea why- other than it is most likely caused by latest toutube update. The limitation holds true whether you are playing videos inside the YouTube app or  29 May 2013 When I'm watching videos on YouTube I'm often switching to other tabs or programs for a short while. I've used Double Twist for the longest time without any problems, but I have a problem that just started yesterday, and I believe it must be some sort of virus, even though none of the anti-malware programs I tried have detected anything. it pauses and the track bar displays 0:00 as if it started over, however most times if i open the app and try to play it again, after a few seconds it will resume playing from where it let off, often times when  Hey guys, I've noticed that this has started happening in about the last 3 or 4 days. Autopause for cycling uses your GPS to detect movement and automatically pause the recording when you are stopped. wether on i youtube or any website that has a video and it's quite aggregating. Hi, I'm sure that that is not the problem. Audio or video files do the same. 42) and have been having issues with YouTube pausing videos recently. Ill I bought this Mi A1 just a month ago. Try using another set of headphones and that should fix it. It does this If you signal is dropping for even just a second, that can trigger the video playback to stop, or if your  It is not possible to add buttons as overlays above the player as specified by Google, otherwise the player will stop: https://developers. Contacted sony  The cause for YouTube videos keep freezing up, pause every few seconds, stop playing suddenly might be due to browser settings, YouTube cache server, etc. There are solutions for solving YouTube stop/pause/freeze issues to help you play YouTube 8K/4K/1080p video fluently on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad. can you help me. (i'm not a noob with this stuff ). Upon closer examination  21 Sep 2016 Problem: i just got a samsung galaxy 6 from a friend. I closed the game and opened it up again and nothing. Also, during lengthy  This is normal behaviour when your internet speed is not sufficient to load all data in the required time, it's called buffering. Good question! YouTube? What do you have to say for yourself? [ Further reading: Your new PC needs these 15 free, excellent programs ]. I cannot find a solution. com/youtube/android/player/reference/com/google/android/youtube/player/YouTubePlayerView. Any problem in this experience could be excruciatingly bad. But it's a good example about how using  The latest Samsung devices are some of the most amazing and most refined devices on the market today. When i unplug the headphones everything is fine. Though most Android users probably use Google Chrome, Firefox is a solid alternative if you want to play YouTube videos in the background. I have no choice but to watch Youtube in IE which works surprisingly well and doesn't do any of the  12 Jul 2016 This year's example was from iOS 10—I installed the beta on my iPhone, and I found that it was pausing audio randomly, making it difficult to listen to music or podcasts. google. every time i'm on the safari app and i'm watching a video it keeps pausing. I have disabled the power saving mode as well as selecting to keep WiFi on during sleep. ~Are you tired of Notifications interrupting your music?~ ~Easy to use~ ~Simple Customization~ ~Material Design Update~ Don't Pause was designed to keep your device from interrupting you when you are listening to music. The buffering often experienced when for example streaming YouTube video, if that's what we're talking about, is I believe caused by the limited speed of data download on a slow or weak mobile data signal, and I think  I figured out what the problem is, it's because the phone thinks you keep plugging/unplugging the headphones. Have tried reinstalling youtube, but still have the same problem. Tunein Radio. And now whenever iam playin music (from any player including youtube) it keeps pausing itself. Help guys! 18 Feb 2015 If I try to refresh it takes a LONG or simply refreshes forever. usually what i have to do for a couple of seconds of more video play is to press the home button to exit safari and then get back in. Other potential causes include a technical fault with YouTube's servers, a conflict 27 Aug 2016 We watch videos on our phone almost daily. It becomes worst now because i cant even listen to anything for more than 10minutes without it stopping. I'm having an issue where spotify randomly pauses, including the play/pause button switching to play (different from the other forum post I found on this subject), from what I can tell at random 5 or 10 second intervals. 29 Feb 2016 Does this sound familiar? You start to watch a video on YouTube, and want to pause it. Solution: If this  14 Sep 2013 I have the stop and go of my youtube videos which is odd because it wasn't happening 2 weeks ago. I was playing fine for about an hour then I alt-tabbed to check something and when I got back, the game kept bringing up the save/load menu. I know what buffering is etc. I may check my emails in the Thunderbird email client, check out the latest activities on Facebook or Google Plus, or simply open a new tab to research something that was mentioned in the video. The problem is seen both in phone music player and while playing on youtube. See if some application, process, or service takes all of the CPU, memory, drive read/writes,  If you're experiencing issues with constant pausing of YouTube videos, the most likely explanation is that your Internet connection isn't fast enough to keep up with the demands of streaming video at the selected quality. And continue after sometimes. My regular desktop computer with Windows 10 and Lubuntu Linux installed on my Desktop computer with an Intel Core2Dou 1. It started 2 days ago. It pauses the videos randomly even if the video has been saved offline and only youtube does 19 Jun 2012 While viewing YouTube over my FIOS home internet WiFi, video in HQ will sometimes pause every 5-7 seconds. It's not something to get mad about; this is exactly what you should expect from beta software. One of the YouTube app's most frustrating shortcomings is the inability to play music videos in the background or when you're phone's locked. At first I thought that maybe it was because it was being used elsewhere (my account is occasionally used  8 Aug 2017 I have a galaxy s8 and every app I have is constantly and randomly pausing media. if we pause video it still starts playing again automatically; when video is playing in full screen, if user clicks on done button, it stops playing and after few seconds it starts playing automatically in full . So far it's happened on Pandora, Youtube, and Audible. ” As a well-known image messaging and multimedia mobile application running on iOS  The only thing that I noticed is that whenever I'm watching a video on YouTube, Facebook, ector listening to music, it randomly pauses and I have to click the play button before it continues. My laptop is brand new and the youtube was working perfectly then suddenly I started having the stop and go