Why does it always say active 1 minute ago

It is estimated that over 2 million people have uncoupled over 'active disagreements' since its release earlier this year. Yes, it's appearing offline, or basically, have chats off on their phone. They will still be able to receive messages, but will show as offline. from one minute ago to  30 Sep 2015 For example, I'll receiver a text at 10:45 am, check my phone at 10:55 am (10 minutes later), and the locked home screen will display "2 mins ago". It says t say n yes If its canceled you want me to shred it? Yes u can throw it out l got another one thankyou tho u wanna trade some of my sexy pics and vids  22 Dec 2016 When you send a message to a contact over Facebook Messenger, it shows you whether or not said person is active. I talk to my best friend in another state through texting, and I have a question about the active status. Some of my friends simply show as having been “active today,” but on the flip side, it does  3 Dec 2014 Facebook's 'active' feature can only be found on the social networks, mobile phone application, and has been the bane of hundreds and thousands of relationships worldwide. How does it say someone was active 42 minutes ago when I know they're online right now? 13 Sep 2015 Sometimes i can see on mobile fb app that some of my friends are staying active 1 min ago for about 20 mins or longer, but when i open a chat it says they are active now, how to explain this? Does this could mean they are not browsing a fb but only chatting on msg? Its hard to quess if they are really online,  28 May 2017 You are chatting with your friend on Facebook Messenger, completely ignoring the annoying acquaintance who's sent you a message on the same messenger. Here I will try to explain what can be possibly going on. I did few trial and error to find out about the 1m timestamp. Reply  3 Apr 2017 You may be using Facebook messenger for a long time but do you know that you can use Facebook messenger not only to keep in touch with your people . And this goes I used to date this guy that would take forever to reply to my text messages saying that he is oh so busy but would be active on fb soooooooo often. The only time I could see this saying you are active when you are not is if he has something constantly running on the background of his phone. Advertisement. her back to reach her quickly when you want to chat. If you suspect in this, then refresh the page after a minute, you can  16 Aug 2017 - 46 sec - Uploaded by Oakley OakleyWhat does 'active k minutes ago' mean on facebook messenger 39;Active now' to 1 Even if you "turn off chat" Facebook Messenger or even the Website itself will still say "last online 1 minute ago" while you are online. 0. 18 Jan 2018 The activity status is currently only visible in direct messages. The second question looks like you're having some confusion about time zones. If said person is inactive, it shows you how long ago they were active. This adds another dimension to Snap  26 Jun 2017 Gchat used to do that fairly well—in a small box of frequent contacts, it displayed which of your past chat partners were available (with a green dot), hope that our existences align and that we might be able to exchange a few ideas simultaneously, like we used to before Google inflicted this scourge on us. When I go to our conversation, below her name it will show when she was "last active. Well we cannot really say if the person was actively sending messages or not. it will not  Because he is active now, then suddenly it changes to active 1,2 or 3 ago minutes ago, then active now, then active x minutes ago. facebook. Hmm. If there is no time listed, it means they are using it right now (if it's showing that they're active) or that they've been on Facebook in the last, few hours. i have a friend who seems to be very active in fb. My chat is usually off on my phone so people  18 Jan 2018 To be very clear, your followers cannot see when you were most recently on Instagram. ) Viewable inside the Direct Messages section of the app, the data is only shared with  7 Jun 2016 "Last seen today at 03:45," it read. it will change from active now then a min goes by and itll say active one minute ago then active now then active 5 mins ago these are just examples. The first one is about natural language date formatting, and I think you might find this relevant. 19 Jan 2018 The new feature is now enabled by default and shows how many minutes ago a user was last active, if they're active now or if they're “typing” back. Since then I see that they are always "Online 1 minute ago" and it starts 18 Apr 2013 And on fb messanger at like 1 it will say he was active an hour ago,but about 15 minutes later it will say he's active now and then it will go to 1m 2m ext, . She probably gets bored of talking all the time and says she's going offline. It turns out that if your friend has disabled… #1 Last Active Time. So “Active now” means they are active now on facebook whereas “Active 3 minutes ago “ indicates they were active in messenger 3 minutes back. Unfortunately there is no way to remove this time stamp. There would be two possible reasons for this: That person has turned off chat on the device they are using. Only people you follow or have previously DM'd will see how many minutes or hours ago you were scrolling through your feed. . Mobile site gives the exact time of when a user has been active on Facebook. But this one may not be to ever 19 May 2012 She is always offline with a mobile chat icon, but from the messenger timestamp on chat list, the last active status is always a few minutes (last access like 1 minute ago). 15 Feb 2017 Active 1 minute ago added you on Messenger. When you see the status saying “On Mobile,” it means they are logged in on their  18 Jan 2018 a little annoyed at the updates they're doing so i've been staying off a lot more. The 1 minute thing is really just a bug that Facebook never bothered to fix (website only now). iPhone 6s, iOS 9. Is she on a  19 Nov 2014 You can choose between the three basic options (“Everybody”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”) and add any number of exceptions into the “Always Share With… That is why even if the exact Last Seen time is hidden, you will still see an approximate value, like “last seen recently” (i. 28 Aug 2015 Ever wonder why Facebook shows 1m as timestamp next to your friend's online status even after few minutes and several refreshes. 1m or 1h or 1d next to a profile shows the time when your profile was last active 1 minute ago or 1 hour ago or 1 day ago respectively. For everyone who has you added as a contact in Facebook Messenger, the very same information about you is  Top Solutions. . Facebook only track this when you're on mobile though, it doesn't track your online status (LAST ACTIVE) when you use a computer yetjust yet. FREE PHONE CALLS. now, it's as bad as facebook. Why does the Facebook messanger say I was active 1 minute ago when I haven't been on for hours? Apr 21st, 2013 at 10:23 PM. When you want someone whether they are online or not, land on mbasic. e facebook messenger. (New to Instagram? Read these tips to get started. Facebook  5 May 2014 SAME problem here, however I've only noticed this recently, could perhaps be the steam summer sales, I hope the problem goes away after the sales, its quite annoying. Guess what, that twat knows that you are online because Facebook shows your online active status. I can be fast asleep and people tell me my online status changes from 'Web' to 'Mobile' to 'Active 3 mins' ago. toBe("1 minute ago"); expect(strip(formatMins(2))). Indeed, Facebook integrated the same feature in its Messenger app ages ago. It will not say they were active if they weren't signed into chat. If they turned off  Not necessarily, just that a minute ago they had an application handling chat messages in the foreground (i. I just hate the fact that you can't choose to  I have a friend on Facebook with whom I had a falling out recently. e. You could do this before, but Facebook says the experience is more reliable, and it's easier to transition from typing to a call. The status only shows that he was logged in 20 minutes ago but read more. Posted on Sep 30, 2015  2 Mar 2016 The information that the site sends out can be used to build up a complete picture of when people sleep and wake up — as well as other activities — completely without It shows that information within conversations, showing a little note indicating that “This person was last active 3 hours ago”, for instance. if you believe they arent signed into chat and it shows a green circle than your only fooling yourself. 20 May 2017 Okay ill start with my husband DOES NOT put time on his prepaid phone(ever) but he takes it to work every day and uses the wifi. I mean the point The time stamp means they either signed themselves out that many minutes ago or they were totally inactive 20 minutes + how ever "x" minutes it says. 16 Aug 2017 - 46 secWhat does 'active k minutes ago' mean on facebook messenger 39;Active now' to 1 26 Jul 2017 When you tap on someone's Bitmoji on the Map, you see a timestamp indicating when they last opened Snapchat. " It can be 15 minutes ago, 2 hours ago, etc. (Note: Regarding the wider contacts mentioned above, you can only  22 Dec 2016 Facebook has removed the precise location-sharing feature from Nearby Friends, which now only lets you opt-in to broadcasting your approximate that “We are testing a new feature within Nearby Friends allowing people to send their friends a waving hand emoji to say hello and help them meet up. once they started with algorithm, it wasn't AS bad. i always see him "active 2 minutes ago", "30 seconds ago". It'll also say “active now” if you happen to be scrolling through your timeline when they check. After a minute, they all say "Last Online: 1 minute ago". I have facebook mobile messenger but I can never see her online , even though the stamp is showing last used 1 minute. Traditionally IM active/idle status has always referred to whether the person in question is using the client machine/service at the time, and not whether  24 Jan 2015 We've all been there, we've log into the Facebook messenger app, seen someone is 'active now' sent a message only for it to go unseen or even worse Although this works most of the time, or it'll display you as active 1 minute ago and then after 10 minutes of inactivity it will revert back to the old time  4 May 2013 Can you disable this "Last Active" stamp Facebook Messenger on Mobile? When it says "Active 10min ago", it means you were active 10 minutes ago. com or m. Is this happening to anyone else or does anyone know how to fix it? It's a minor glitch but it bugs me :/ More Less. The night before, he'd last been "seen" at 04:03, and the night before at 02:58. The good thing about the new addition is that Instagram  18 Jan 2018 how many minutes and hours since you last checked in to look at content. That's near my old apartment I canceled that card. Now, of course The only reason I have seen for Facebook to display "Active 1 minute ago” is if you cannot see that person on chat. If they turned off  The only reason I have seen for Facebook to display "Active 1 minute ago” is if you cannot see that person on chat. also, if someone uploads multiple pictures in one post. 0. In my chat thingy it says active 34 mins ago, But when I click on that person to pm them it says there active. I have reported the issue even to the Facebook team  It looks like there are two questions here. While some might find this change slightly annoying at first, it is not all that surprizing to see it in the main app. If you're waiting on a response to a text that you sent two hours ago, only to see that a friend was on Snapchat an hour ago, the jig is up. But my friend uses instant messenger and it still pops up saying she was on "5 mins ago" "10 mins ago"etc and it will say "online" if you are actually on,  I use google hangouts on my IPhone. Its hard to  For mobile, setting your Active status to "Off" in Facebook Messenger causes you to appear offline to everyone, so to appear offline to specific people it's recommended to Click the "Turn off chat for only some contacts" circle. You can phone any of your Facebook friends and save on your cell minutes charges. The Instagram activity status feature is viewable inside the Direct Messages section of the iOS and Android apps. i. a place where you would either expect an absolute date/time or a relative time, which in normal language is always followed by “ago” (or preceeded by “in”, in case of future dates). NSDate is going to parse your date assuming GMT absent any indication of offset or ICU time zone  Seeing “1m” would mean 1 minute ago and “2m” would mean 2 minutes ago and so on. And, let's just say he'd never mentioned any trouble sleeping in the past I pictured him texting another girl in  16 Aug 2014 6. Is he really using the app? or if you . He either had a terrible case of insomnia, or something sinister was afoot. The information is only shared with people . 18 Jun 2014 She dismissed this stating that her and this said friend used to kiss all the time, and so it was just a routine thing. it will show the other pictures throughout my feed as  18 Jan 2018 Less than 24 hours since we learned of Instagram's new text fonts for Stories, the Facebook-owned app has added another feature. com; go to messages and look at the last active time. No, it doesn't mean they've disabled chat, just that they appear offline, but are actually online. 4 Jun 2013 I wondered if it meant how long ago the user was active or something. if she just opens the app to read a  16 Aug 2017 - 47 secWhat is the person who shown as 'active now' on facebook doing what does k minutes 3 Oct 2012 i have a quiestion. Does that mean they are on me read more. as the active window on their screen) - could have been the web application, could have been the mobile one. This is the most annoying thing I ever found on Facebook (after game requests). 1. showing me post from 5-6 days ago. #4 Everyone on my friends list that are offline have went online 34 mins ago. its constantly changing. They just opened their app to check something, or maybe accidentally opened it on their phone - which would inadvertently classify them as “active”…then they closed out, no activity, therefore, they were last “active” 1 minute ago

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