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BVW. – Sonic log. High Resolution Laterolog Array Tool. Wireline logs are taken downhole, transmitted through a wireline to surface and recorded there. BGL - Borehole Geometry Log, or Below Ground Level (Used As A Datum For Depths In A Well). Details 2. CD1. 20 Apr 2009 import will create a new well if it cannot find an API number match. THOR, Thorium, ppm. "Well Log Presentation Tool. 1: well-log responses and core description (example taken from the Heidrun Field). Idealized Chase and  Offshore Oil and Gas Industry - Abbreviations and Acronyms. Page last revised February 13, 2013. 18. [AmBe], 252Cf, 60Co, and sources used in well logging. This guide will not be as technically advanced, but we have included every oilfield acronym that we could find. Bulk density. Modular Formation Dynamic Tester. Preface SPWLA - Society of Petroleum Well Log Analysts. TAP, Temperature/acceleration/pressure tool, °C, m/s2, psi. PLs. FF: fossil fragment. Logged interval is 520 ft (160 m). . Vertical Seismic Profile Tool. 0 Wells and Hydrocarbons comprises sections such as  OF. Applications. 1. CGR. A Sub List is provided for those tools supported by SS1 data acquisition software; the list provides information needed to validate certain styles of LIS file (see Section 5). Bit size. Amplitude-Variable Density Log. BHI. UKOOA – United Kingdom Offshore Operators. Because mudcake interferes with response, logs are commonly “compensated”, as in FDC and CNL logs. 2018. Compensated Neutron Tool. DESFL. m³. 9 for abbreviations. Width of borehole . We solve this inverse . Special tables enumerate mineral properties and depositional environments  Chapter 1. GR. CAL, Caliper - CAL. Log Curve Requirements: Submit the following curve types and log images in final form, ifthe data were obtained in the open-hole portion of a . Noise Log, Audio, Experimental Noise Log. Note: Abbreviations for nouns always begin . AHD Alonghole (sometimes used in place of measured depth) AI Acoustic impedance API American Petroleum Institute (also units used for gamma ray) AVO Amplitude versus offset (of seismic traces) B/D Barrels per day B g Gas volumetric factor (in scf under standard conditions per  28 May 2013 Acoustic Log. Pub. LLD, = deep laterlog. abbreviations. Ch: Chlorite. – Density log. Bulk volume water. Cly: Clay. It also provides definitions of physical property measurements and relevant units of measurement. BCPD - Barrels Condensate Per Day. (-ar) grapestone graptolite gravel gray, grey (-ish) graywacke greasy green (-ish) grit (-ty) gypsum (-iferous) hackly halite. See Fig. Derrick Floor. To order scanned or continuous-paper well logs, or any other well data, from the Bureau of Economic Geology, the Texas Railroad Commission or the Texas Log Abbreviations. Lithofacies 7. CBL, Cement Bond, Cement Curve, Cement Quality - CBL. , americium-beryllium. Accelerator Porosity Sonde. 13 Apr. AmBe americium-beryllium. Casing Bond Log. " Abbreviations. Well Log Data. CBL. 17. ABBREVIATIONS. Spec. Web. Detecting vuggy porosity in carbonate reservoirs by well logs. • None of these logs measure porosity directly. Common Abbreviations: agl/bgl/mbd – above ground level/below ground level/metres below datum. Authors; Authors and Vug Majority voting Wavelet Parzen classifier Well log Core test. Year: 1982. Files include permits, electric logs, mud logs, completion reports, sundry reports, and production data housed at NBMG. manifold. Figure 6 Karewa-1 (Zones A to H) well logs. ASI. Auxiliary Measurement Sonde. BPP, Borehole Profile Plot - BPP. DT, = delta t (sonic). Device which routes the flow from several wells into organized flow streams. The curve description is that which appears on the log header (some abbreviations have been expanded). PPC. FIGURE 9. Documents, such as Mud Log, Electrical Log Displays, Well Completion (Composite) Log, Well Proposal,. 2: well-log responses and core description (example taken from the Heidrun Field). SDT, Digital Sonic Tool. DFT. DEVLG. FDC, DPHI, LDT. These abbreviations are called mneumonics (pronounced New-Monics). CLD. MAST. - Chapter 2. Neutron porosity. Start learning today for free! Name of log. The wireline well logs used are sonic, gamma ray, neutron porosity, bulk density and resistivity. other well-logging operations; directional and vertical well surveys; velocity profiles and surveys; and A. Type: Methods in Exploration. URAN, Uranium, ppm. Borehole Televiewer. Gibson. AMS. Well log is one of the most fundamental methods for reservoir characterization, in oil and gas industry, it is an essential method for geoscientist to acquire more knowledge about the condition below the surface by using physical properties of rocks. FF: Fossil fragment. AUD. Array Sonic Imager. C, Core Description / Analysis - C. CNL, NPHI. Qtzc: Quartz cement. J. The online version of Well Logging and Formation Evaluation by Toby Darling on ScienceDirect. I. Deviation Log. Fig. marl. Many subcategories are represented in this oilfield dictionary, including acronyms and abbreviations for drilling, completion, well cementing, mud logging, pipeline, and well logging disciplines. • The density and neutron logs are nuclear measurements. HRLA. ACOUSTIC VELOCITY ACV. PEFshft log (purple curve) is the depth-shifted PEF . The abbreviation for the log type can be found at the end of the log filename. Abbreviations: GR, natural gamma-ray logging' from publication 'Diagenesis and hydrocarbon emplacement in the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation tight sandstones in the southern Ordos Basin,' on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Borehole Imager, Ultrasonic BH Imager. VSH, = velocity shale. Subject Group: Oil--Methodology and Concepts. The term comes from the word "log" used in the sense of a record or a note. MV. BRPLG – bridge plug log. Datum- a standard position or level that  Book Title: ME 3: Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists. 2 . AND. BHTV. Well Rщsumщ, Play Maps and Cross-sections. ) BD, = bulk density. Article/Chapter: Log Abbrevations, Log Names, and Title Page. Additionally, see description of information and abbreviations from OF2011-06  BBSM - Behaviour-Based Safety Management. References. CNT. GR, = gamma ray. ACOUSTILOG AC. Texas State Waters.   Highly Integrated Gamma Ray-Neutron Sonde. • The sonic log use acoustic measurements. GNT, SNP,. BCS Borehole Compensated Sonic. 0 Litho Data · Grain Size Cards. Author(s): George B. Bulk volume water irreducible. WST, Well Seismic Tool. Output curves from one calculation step are often input curves for a succeeding calculation, but the inout curve does not become upper case, because it is  BPFL – borehole profile log; BPLUG – baker plug; BPO - By-Pass Override; BPV – back pressure valve (goes on the end of coiled tubing a drill pipe tool strings to prevent fluid flow in the wrong direction); BQL – B/QL log; BRPLG – bridge plug log; BRT – below rotary table (used as a datum for depths in a well); BS – Bend  AUD, Noise Log, Audio, Experimental Noise Log - AUD. Abbreviations. Style:MLAChicagoAPA. , 1988, Alaskan North Slope stratigraphic nomenclature and data summary for government-drilled wells, Chapter 15 in Geology and exploration of the National Petroleum  39 thin sections and petrophysical log data from the Skalle well in the Hammerfest Basin, in only by wire line logs, as core material was not available for those intervals. BIT. Details 1. STANDS4 LLC, 2018. Azimuthal Resistivity Imager. tif is a Sonic Gamma Ray log. DF. WVGES button. • A combination of these logs gives good indications for lithology and more accurate estimates of porosity  seismic; laboratory; health, safety, and environmental; exploration; production; upstream; midstream; and downstream terms. FORMATION TESTER FORM TEST " FT. com/Well%20Log%20Presentation%20Tool>. HNGS. ACT. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Dynamic Geohistory Plot (3D Technique). Vertical seismic profile. BIL, Borehole Image Log - BIL. – Neutron log. Logging companies and digitizers cook up their own abbreviations! Some Abbreviations Used for Logs (These and other mnemonics can be found by searching here. Calcareous clays; consolidated primary calcareous clays. ACRONYMS. Well seismic monitor. (-iferous). Petrophysical logs. AVD. This is too long to print on log headings or to use in computer programs or data bases. (') Dresser-Atlas trademark (2) NL Industries trademark AC Alternating Current. Gamma Ray. g. N, = neutron. The abbreviation for cubic metre. This report presents an initial review of the state-of-the-art nuclear and non-nuclear well logging . DGP. BHC Borehole Compensated CSU<31 BHGM Borehole Gravity  Home > Search Wizard > Well Logs > Log Abbreviations for BEG logs. LAS standard does not specify parameter or curve mnemonics. CSNG(4) API American Petroleum Institute. Bcfe - Billion Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas Equivalent). Log Abbreviations for BEG logs. BHC. For example, a log with filename 4001905014_SGR. BHV, Velocity - BHV. Abbreviations found on Borehole records. Acronym for logging while drilling. Asquith, Charles R. DFR. 0 General contains sections on Rules for Abbreviations, Report Presentation, and Standard. Drilling Factual Report. Text: LOG ABBREVIATIONS USED IN TEXT. CCL, Casing collar locator - CCL. F. WBS. Limitations or other concerns. Computed gamma ray (SGR minus uranium contribution), gAPI. FRACTURE FINDER FF. On the right side, pink dashed line showed the original PEF log. <https://www. OD – Ordnance Datum (sea level). Cc: Calcite cement. Aluminum Clay Tool. (-s, -ed) grainstone granite granite wash granule. APS. concern that such sources currently used in the gas/oil well logging industry (e. Major Vote. MDT. FORMATION DENSITY FDP. Multimode Array Sonic Service Tool (MAXS-MAPC). MCFL. GAMMA  The measurement versus depth or time, or both, of one or more physical quantities in or around a well. Clst: Claystone. BPV – back pressure valve (goes on the end of coiled tubing a drill pipe tool strings to prevent fluid flow in the wrong direction) BQL – B/QL log. NPHI. DEXP. The words will be abbreviated to a few cryptic letters, such as ILD or RESD or AT90. 7 Dec 2016 Abbreviations for formation tops are used on the well log plots; these abbreviations are explained in Table 2. wireline well logs, denoted by their abbreviations given in Table 2, and the approximate marginal posterior pdfs  14. Characteristic measured. – Contour interval CNC – Compensated neutron correction CNL– Compensated neutron log d–Day Den –Density D. ARI. a –Tortuosity factor API – American Petroleum Institute AWR – Mineral weight ratio barns/e- – barns per electrion bbl– barrels Bcf– Billion cubic feet Cal– Caliper cf– Cubic foot C. DTCO, Compressional wave delay time ( t), µs/ft. The abbreviation for square metre. Explanation of Abbreviations and Units commonly found on Borehole/Water Well Records. abbreviations) maintained as originally acquired. Micro Cylindrically Focused Log. VSP. CD2. com, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text books. BDL - Bit Data Log. The mapping between header data and zone data fields is vendor specific- with a few exceptions the. CSL ACBL Acoustic Cement Bond Log. DEV. The List identifies the  Quizlet provides well logging activities, flashcards and games. The abbreviation for a) metre or b) earthquake magnitude. BVI. Bcf - Billion Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas). Mail comments concerning these web pages to:  4 Feb 2000 type. Borehole Compensated Sonic Tool. CD3. Potential (SP). good grading grain. far as logging abbreviations are concerned, I avoided using all commercial names adopted by the Service will be able to find, more effectively, the meaning of a great number of abbreviations used in our industry. BT, Borehole televiewer - BT. BHV Ultra Sonic Gas Detector, Gas Dectector, Continuous Total Gas. Just hit “Control BDL – Bit Data Log BGL – Borehole Geometry Log BGL – Below ground level (used as a datum for depths in a well) BGS – British Geological Survey L0 is absent in this well. Power Positioning Device and  Citation: Use the citation options below to add these abbreviations to your bibliography. This evergreen database delivers descriptions of more than 50,000 Schlumberger logging tools, analytical software, and log curves and parameters. RHOB. List of Abbreviations a. This method is very useful to detect hydrocarbon bearing zone, calculate the  Type of porosity logs. ACOUSTIC CEMENT BOND ACB. Acoustic arrival times, ms. 0 STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS FOR LITHOLOGIC DESCRIPTIONS. BDF - Below Derrick Floor. m. “Providing well log cuttings and core data to the geological community for over 60 years!” 1, 4639 – 6 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 3Z6 403-284-1112 | Email Us · LogSource · Home · About · Our History · News & Events · Products · LogSource · Log Directory · Canstrat Logs · LAS 2. Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde. Deep Induction Sfl Log. BRT – below rotary table (used as a datum for depths in a well) BSEE – US: Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (Formerly the MMS) We predict facies from wireline well log data for a fluvial deposit system offshore Norway. API. Gamma ray. Such expenses may include excavation and surface site preparation, the daily rental rate of a drilling rig, costs of fuel, drillpipe, bits, casing, cement and logging, and coring and testing of the well,  This page may be used to search the Oil and Gas Well Log files. Wire-line-log abbreviations are caliper (CALI), gamma ray (GR), corrected porosity (PHI_GM3), photoelectric effect (PEF), density porosity (DPHI), neutron porosity (NPHI), core permeability (K_MAX), and core porosity (CORE_POR). Facies association 8: well-log responses and core  A quick reference oilfield acronym guide. See excel spreadsheet to identify the correct API number. POTA, Potassium, wt%. Sonic. DGPS. Well Bore Sibilation. Computed gamma-ray. com. Tortuosity component. D Exponent Log. DT. We also sell newly released Texas Railroad Commission logs (tif images on CD) that we mail monthly to subscribers for  See figure: 'Petrographic and reservoir quality of Well HH18. Bird, K. drilling a well to a specified depth, casing point or geological objective, and then either completing or abandoning the well. Development Well, Lahee Classification. Dry Film Thickness. Measurements-while-drilling (MWD) and logging  ABBREVIATIONS. 11. Caliper. As for all rules, there are exceptions, especially for output result values where commonly used abbreviations are well established, such as OOIP for original oil in place. Dp: Depth. Spontaneous. CST(3) BGT Borehole Geometry Tool. BGKT. WSM. AZIMUTHAL LATEROLOG ALL

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