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translated by Flora @offciastro for @ASTROseasons. How to Make a Daum Account. If this step is not done, you will not be able to level up automatically on the Fancafe and have to manually submit a form, which would take up extra time. Step 1. please credit. 13 Sep 2015 tutorial: using Daum app to join & level up in fan cafe This is a tutorial on how to use the Daum app on your phone to join & level up in a fan cafe. 05; Fill out the following information. com/UY9zcsVhDj. A. I don't think I've seen any thread on here that addresses this so i think it would be helpful to any other buddies out there who want to participate  8 Feb 2014 Assuming you're already a member of the fancafe, LOG IN to 100% fancafe. pic. Go to daum. Here it's!!! Firstly, You should have a Daum Account. 모두의 마음을 Burn It Up!한 Wanna One '활활' MV 현장 비하인드 스토리 : 네이버 포스트. But we will edit our profile first before we sign for level up. Explora el tablero de Berenice Garcia "# WANNA ONE ❤" en Pinterest. P's online; Post on the Cafe and Delete a Post; Upload/Change your Profile. The instructions to this have been carefully laid out here. Please use the following tutorials to help you join, navigate or level-up on the fancafe: *If you want to JOIN the fancafe, please follow this tutorial. net. Sex : 남 (male) / 여 (female) Members name : 서민우, 김록현, 조종환, 김찬용, 우창범, 장혁진, 이상훈 Debut album release date : 2012년 09월 20일 Four song titles : 나쁜 놈, 나 같은 놈, Want U Back,… 'One Team All-Made' First EDM idol! Participate in professional group 24K and Makestar's 2nd project! * 'Honorary producer listed on the album credits”reward has been extended will be limited to starmakers who have participated until May 10th, 23:59 (KST)! Please remember that there's a RULE from BigHit that "TAKING OUT FANCAFE LEVEL UP QUESTIONS IS FORBIDDEN" so all we can do is help to lead you guys how If you wanna level up easily, you can buy the membership (Official ARMY), your level will change automatically, it's one of the benefit of the membership. P's Fancafe + How to make a post · How to change your nickname in fancafe · Daum fancafe FAQ. Tick the boxes and insert your nickname in the box as shown. of the artist. Catatan: BERHASIL ataupun GAGAL level up, semua yang apply akan mendapatkan notif kok. 28 Jun 2017 It's only been two days since the fan cafe has opened. THERE ARE NICKNAME RULES YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW to be leveled up, but for DAUM ID, you can choose whatever you want. . Go in "☆----등업신청" in the bottom of the page, in the  [Tutorial] Joining Apink's fancafe and leveling up This tutorial is just covers how the join Apink's fancafe and how to level up. Buka http://cafe. Click 'Enter your detail'. 2. 28 Oct 2015 Fancafe tutorial: levelling up, registering and usage. net and the TEEN TOP Fan cafe, you must level up! Step 1: Click on "정회원등업신청" under the Level tab Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire! Please tell me what you want to say to TEEN TOP (more than one line) 7. It is usually for Korean fans only, unless they open a global membership. (I won't be making a . “As always 20 Sep 2015 Ok, so I know that BTS fancafe now has the /burden/ streaming screenshot question that really does no justice to use foreign fans who really really really wanna level up. 27 Jan 2016 So you want to join up… but how and where? Assuming the fanclub doesn't need you to provide proof of your event attendance (as some have asked for concert ticket stubs in the past), what you really need to know is WHEN. Langsung ajaa! 1. This item is not for sale. 25> Wanna One Kang Daniel update at Fancafe with Lai Guanlin . Here's how to level. Wanna One OFFICIAL FANCLUB Recruitment - Global. 4. There are still a few more other boards you can explore around~. For this one, just enter a nickname and if you want email updates then click on the check or if you don't, then don't click it, and click on 'Join fan cafe' 카페 가입  20 Nov 2017 - 4 min - Uploaded by IMFACT ARE FUTURE LEGENDSdaum account tutorial: [http://imyourbestfriend. . Features include: Notify all feedback of your article using notification function. | Ver más ideas [PRODUCE 101 A Level - PICK ME] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170427 EP. Make sure you have a Daum account first, you won't be able to join the fancafe without this. Daum & Fancafe Tutorial. There are two methods of level up, one is by answering questions and the other is by buying "BTS Official ARMY Recruitment". +. 1. T. tumblr. [wanna one fancafe] so i finally made tumblr posts that address most of the concerns regarding the level-up application you may go to ongcheongies. daum. Yang belum punya dan belum tahu, baca cara membuat akun daum. But it is dedicated to a certain artist, specifically Korean artists. 3 Jun 2016 In addition, the ones I listed down are non-exhaustive. 3 Jul 2017 32 Likes, 7 Comments - WANNA ONE (@peachy. You will be redirected. - After sign in, check out your profile setting first by click . Some open for a short  Anonymous — Hi, i'm wondering if i can ask for your help to translate the questions, i'm having a hard time ㅠㅠㅠㅠ If it's okay, may i message you? Anonymous — can you translate some questions for me? i'm trying really hard to write and translate them but i just can't understand what they want??? im sorry if u cant do  11 May 2016 Daum Cafe Tutorial (Leveling Up) You have already joined the fancafe! (tutorial here) and now need to level up to be able to see KNK's posts! On the left after scrolling KNK has a lot of international fans so YNB has started putting their level up questions in both English and Korean! You can also answer  Bangtan fan cafe level up tutorial Sometimes the questions are hard and I translate them anyway because maybe someone out there somewhere can answer them, but I advise to simply wait for the easy 8 Jan 2015 Join Naver; Join the Cafe; Level Up; Navigate on the Cafe; Use the Chatroom when B. There is only Korean to sign-up in-app: 1- Tap on the Settings icon ⇨ 로그인 하세요 (login) Check here for translated new level-up application questions by @monstaxtrans. #워너원 #wannaone. If you want to level up by  March 16; NU'EST W CONCERT IN SEOUL (DAY 1); March 17; NU'EST W CONCERT IN SEOUL (DAY 2); March 18; NU'EST W CONCERT IN SEOUL (DAY 3); March 19; [MH] Wanna One 2nd Mini album 'I Promise You' release. Go to 'My Ticket'. com/o7cPCpkC8B. Anon 9h. This is the most simple of fancafes to join. So, let's go to the next step! Fancafe Level-Up. Q2: What does rank upgrade / level-up mean? A2: In the fancafe, you join as an Associate  20 Jan 2016 The level up process is different for every group, but most groups require fans to answer a set of questions and apply to level up. net/  30 Aug 2017 At this point I'm honestly in awe of WANNA ONE stans. Genre : Concerts; Date/Time : Jun 28, 2017 ~ Jul 09, 2017; Venue : No information. Please Make sure that your nickname is the one that you want registered on the cafe (this can be changed depending on the cafe you join). NO DM agar yang lain  22 Aug 2017 Do you want to join BTS Bangtan, Gfriend, Golden Child, Wanna One, VIXX, TEENTOP, SEVENTEEN, Infinite, , MAMAMO, Monsta X, or other idols' Fancafe? If you don't know how to join your idols' fancafe, please check step by step guide on how to join DAUM fancafe. Twitter Instagram Tumblr 아유 follows: login · sign up · explore · main (6) · ongoing · archive (2), private (6). net/ ⚠ If using mobile devices please request for the desktop version so that you can follow this tutorial closely. 02. 6) Level up boards 7 Jul 2017 Fill in your Daum ID (please note, it's the general Daum ID, not your individual Fancafe ID). Fancafes are just like fansites - there are photos, videos, news, information and etc. Semoga bermanfaat maaf kalo ada kesalahan. Please be  Here is how to join a DAUM fancafe. In general it's easier just to stick to joining  28 Apr 2016 How to Level Up in Seventeen Official Fan Cafe: 1. ——————-. At the right side, click in “회원가입” (Register). If You already have a Daum Account then just follow this tutorial! Login into  BTS Fancafe level up tutorial/guidelines 등업신청_공지 I'm uploading this again because I'm tired of receiving asks on it even when I repeated it again and again… So here is an updated version. com where there are posts about: - level-up tutorial - reminders (settings/nickname) - streaming proof shots thanks! ongcheongies ongcheongies. But in order to be able to post in it, read other people's posts, or what the members have written. Login to Interpark. Click on 'Enter/Modify your details. 9 Jul 2015 Make Daum account: Here; Level up: Here. YMC dropped Fan Order Guidance/Information on fancafe#WannaOne pic. 8 Mei 2017 Dan aku belum nyoba lagi daftar lewat PC, karena akun CafeDaum nggak kayak akun IG yang mudah diperbanyak(?) terus gampang banget liat bias. Guide on how to navigate B. Here are some steps on how to do it. Lastly, click "가입"(join). Hello! Sorry for the late reply regarding on how to join in NU'EST fancafe. Then, insert the CAPTCHA as shown in the picture. QUESTIONS. Snap 2017-12-12 at 08. For the most part joining a DAUM fancafe is the same for each group. ongcheongies. But it offers a lot of  26 Jul 2017 Bighit had launched a new rule and yes it's quite hard *sobs* I've got leveled up at 4th August after submitted my application twice *wink* This post is to help you get level up to ARMY II. I'm just reposting it  20 May 2017 - 1 minCara membuat ID daum,cara membuat akun daum,cara membuat akun fancafe, cara 26 Feb 2018 Anddd selamat kalian udh berhasil join fancafe Wanna One yeh . /!\. You will get a cute message afterwards that shows that you're now a part of the HOTSHOT fancafe. I'm so sorry RenHanis, yes you can make one using your kakaotalk. Then follow these simple steps. How to Join T-ara's Fancafe. I would highly recommend the Foreign BBS/For Foreigner boards if you don't understand Korean and need help or certain stuff on fancafe or just want to talk to others. There are 2 ways to do this, via Album or via  15 Jan 2018 hello, i already submitted the fancafe answers, and how to know if we're accepted and got leveled up or do they give notification if we are failed to level up our fancafe? 3 months ago. April 23, 2012. Wanna One. NU'EST-W; NU'EST sub-unit formed  Beginning of all the stories! Let's use Daum Cafe application service. Click on this button by Check off both boxes, and then you can choose if you want to upload a profile pic or not. 12 Dec 2017 Go to IM's Fancafe (http://cafe. 22 Jun 2017 This is for those who want to use mobile for Daum fancafes (web and app are similar; web instructions start at step #11). You need to create a Daum account. 59PM KST (di INA jam 08. com/p/2qr3lb to. http://cafe. com/2016/01/25/how-to-join-nuest-fan-cafe-and-level-up-2016/ and synS2min (twitter) +. WANNA ONE Fancafe Update regarding level up. To level up  [FANCAFE] Level Up NOTICE For those who haven't leveled up on fancafe, they will open the level up comments later at 8pm to July 6 8pm. 00 WIB - 21. There's also the FANCAFE RULES at the end of the tutorial (MUST READ), as well as a message from Cafe's manager BIRD. PROJECTS. P has reconciled with the company. Click "확인" and you'll be a member of BTS fancafe. TUTORIAL LEVEL UP LEVEL 1 KE LEVEL 2 DI WANNAONE FANCAFE . 26 Jun 2017 Wanna One is definitely working hard towards their debut! The boys have finally opened their official Fancafe, Twitter and Instagram page! On their Twitter page, they have uploaded their first photo together with the caption saying “Please watch over us! 11 trainees have come together to become Wanna  Read [TUTORIAL] CARA LEVEL UP FTISLAND OFFICIAL FANCAFE from the story [TUTORIAL] CARA JOIN DAUM OFFICIAL FANCAFE + LEVEL UP (Ftisland & SF9 Fancafe) by CHunli Kalian tidak diijinkan untuk mengakses update official post jika kalian masih Level 1, dan tampilan akan seperti ini. Step 1: The first thing to leveling up on Chungha's fancafe is changing some of your personal information to public (don't worry, only things like your Daum ID and gender will be released). 8:00 AM - 3 Jul 2017. official). means that these are representative café's. Kalian bisa ngirim pesan perkenalan dsb. SEE ALSO: Wanna One opens up Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and  3 Jan 2017 Warning: This is a very long post! If you are here for one part of the tutorial, please go to Step 1 for How to Make a Daum Account, Step 5 for How to Sign & Level Up for ASTRO's Fancafe, and Step 9 on How to Turn on Mobile Notifications. 6 Jan 2015 BTOB Official Fancafe Join Tutorial Visit BTOB Official Fancafe -> Link By PC/Laptop: Step 1 - Click on '로그인' (Login)' By APP: Step 1 - Click on '가입' to /real name/age/gender/occupied area/BTOB 9th Mini Album Track 1, Track 2 name 2 words each/What you want to say to BTOB more than 3 lines (no  Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Lastly, did you check nickname policy  The basic difference between a fancafe and a fanclub is that the first is free while the latter is paid. STEP 2⃣: Click on Q1: What is a fancafe? A1: A fancafe is just like a blog. There are 2 ways to level up, by answering questions or posting proof picture that you own a VICTON album. the amount of Korean at first because everything is in Korean on Daum but not knowing the language shouldn't stop you – as a proof, person who wrote this tutorial does not know Hangul. Trans : in 2018 too Eat a lot of really delicious food and everything will go well i hope that will grow up!! 19 Jul 2017 Then after you fill everything, click on "확인" to confirm everything. Some of them will be restricted; to access them, it's required that you level up by answering a series of questions; or purchase a membership, becoming an official  4 Sep 2016 14. Price : Wanna One OFFICIAL FANCLUB (Registration fee (delivery charge not included)) 20,000 Won. Hi! How can I level up in Wanna One fancafe? 9 Jul 2017 If you have purchased the official fanclub membership via Interpark (signups now closed), please check for the following. net/WannaOneOfficial เว็บนี้อัพเลเวล ยังไงหรอคะ ·? ใครพอจะมีรายละเอียด แนะนำเราบ้าง. This is Jae (@ong_supremacist on Twitter). Syarat untuk level up fancafe BTS adalah punya akun daum dulu dong. wordpress. P created a new fancafe during the lawsuit. Check out the new functions of the application with your Android Phone. I hope this will help you. you will notice these little green buttons popping up. Swipe setiap foto dan lakukan sesuai langkah-langkah yang tertera ya. png?resizeSmall&width=832] 5 Oct 2016 First, you need a Daum account. So i'm not gonna post it again since its just a waste. 171120 Wanna One Zero Base Real-Time Peek Wanna One GO - Episode 5 (Zero Base Ep 1): Full Ep & Cuts - Episode 7 (Zero Base Ep 2): Full Ep - Episode 8 (Zero Base Ep 3): Full Ep Live Shows - 171113 Wanna One Comeback Show TV Shows: - 171104 Master Key Episode 4 (Daniel & Ong) - 171105 Running Man  11 Jun 2017 Bighit finally made the level up easier for everyone after a long time and I don't think anyone wants Bighit to change the level up method back to the ones we had before… If there are people who want to know the contents of the fancafe, as someone who has successfully levelled up, you can personally  Now that you have a Daum account, go to your profile to change your date of birth and gender, it'll be needed if you want to level up on DIA official fancafe because it's automatically connected to your fancafe profile, check these following instructions ↓ [Image: Daum3. Then click to confirm  Firstly, to do so, it's required that you join the fan cafe. Kalian tidak  Cr: https://hotpinkheartfornuest. net/  [TUTORIAL] How to join THE BOYZ's fancafe + level up Before joining their fancafe, make sure that you have a daum account, tutorial on how to sign up for a daum account can be found here (follow the 14 Oct 2015 Tutorial: How to join and LEVEL UP in CLC Fancafe 1. 17 Oct 2015 Remember that B. *If you can't  5 Jan 2010 naver has some fantastic fan café's that you can join and post in - similar to communities in eljay, they are fun little places you can post pictures and videos, the café you want to join. Maksud aku, akun CafeDaum diperbanyak buat apa? Kalau lolos levelup di fancafe sih enak, kalau nggak?) Langsung deh, jadi kepanjangan kan 1. It's where your interests connect you with your people. They've already generally been a gigantic mess, and again YMC Entertainment has basically had to threaten them on the fancafe to stop fucking up. How to Join ? 15 Jul 2017 HIGH FIVE Level Up Tutorial! After joining the Daum. image  <18. If you haven't added your Daum ID, do it now! How to add Daum ID to Interpark. We will now re-use the old one, now that B. 0. continue to keep themselves busy and work as they've always done up until now. 57; Then done you're a member of fancafe now. After helping out during the two recent level-up applications (1/13 and 1/26), I decided to make a post 27 Jul 2017 Please give active support for the regulations so that Fan Cafe could operate smoothly. they're on a plane to go to jeju . I know. Open URL → Seventeen Official Fan Cafe, sign in to the Fan Cafe. Go to the… In the next field you enter the password you want to use. com/forum/index. Wanna One to make official debut on 7 Aug, ticket sales start  5 Jul 2017 Pann posts abt them are almost exo's level in 2013 and wanna one's fancafe already reached 134k in a few days. Click 내정보 . but i want TARA-queen daum cafe Level-Up. twitter. *The red  Even though you're now a fancafe member, you may not be able to see important stuffs because it's only visible for leveled-up members. 3) Q: MENGAPA SAAT MEMBUKA POSTINGAN ANGGOTA WANNA ONE SELALU MUNCUL TAMPILAN SEPERTI GAMBAR GEMBOK? — A: Jika kalian selalu melihat tampilan seperti itu, berarti kalian terlebih dahulu harus level up atau menaikkan level akun fancafe kalian. Make sure you finish verifying your account before you continue. Kalian bisa liat postingan memb wanna one kalo udh level up kalo belom post-an ny bakal kekunci dan saia pun juga belom level up T. 59 WIB) . NOTE: To see BTS posts or write on fancafe, you need to Level up. Sekian. com. If you want to level up by answering a question, go to the  [FAN CAFE] Level Up Application Tutorial I presume that you already have a daum account and already joined the fan cafe. :) Funny story actually, I started trying to  1 Nov 2017 AROHA 2기 FAN CAFE LEVELING UP If you purchased AROHA 2기 (2nd gen), then you should level up in the fan cafe through the AROHA method! This will give you access to a restricted part of the fan cafe 25 Aug 2017 So technically, u have to just provide pictures of the list requested in order to get level up ⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗⤗ First go to the fancafe and go to the 4th ARMY Ⅱ 신청 board and write your post on the top of it with the Question nu 1 and click 등록 16 Apr 2012 Here's a tutorial on how to join their fancafe and level-up in their fancafe. Jika kesulitan, silakan tanya dikolom komentar ya. you need to level up. Kpop fanclubs are generally not open to apply year round. You need to level up. Age Group : All; Run time : 00 minutes. activities (Fancafe Level Up). Learn how to register Daum account here. 17 Jun 2016 Create a daum account First thing you have to do is of course to create an account on daum. Steps If you want access to the the content, updates, etc…. 170816 Jung Sewoon; 170818 Ladies  WANNA ONE FROM PRODUCE 101 NOW HAVE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM AND FANCAFE new photo. Wanna One, Wanna One Profile, Wanna One Comeback 2018, Wanna One 2018,. If you need to know how to first make a Daum account click here. In addition, the rookies from 'Produce 101' season 2 has already beat senior groups such as SHINee, GOT7, iKON, WINNER, and F. You join the cafe as an associate member (준회원) and this means you won't have access to every board. - Apply in Level Up Apply(Full member) 등업신청 board during level up apply period according to level up apply format. on contrary, got7/seventeen never reach They could really blow up or it could be another IOI case where their debut single only sold 650k (the song was truly awful tho) and basically all their  30 Sep 2017 Sekarang, fancafe BTS tergolong mudah untuk level up! Banyak juga yang masih belum tahu, kalau (Level 2 Putih). For level up in LV 2. Yes, we COULD post the answers, but that is against fancafe rules. 04. You must first have a registered DAUM account. One thing you SHOULD understand that Daum ID is different with NICKNAME. So if you want to level up or go to a higher rank which is 정회원 (member), just 3기 우수회원 신청 → place to level up to 우수회원 for those who paid for 3rd term but haven't been leveled up yet ·· 3기 우수회원 방탄후기 - Bangtan Review → A place for fan cafe members to write reviews/fan accounts of bts related things and events Pictures you like, fan art, anything pictures you would want to share. It's a tried and tested method by yours truly. Island with the number of fan cafe members. If you don't have one, you should make it first (i think there's a lot of tutorials out there). 7 Feb 2015 I've go through that difficulty so i want to share the things that my "kkotnim" Friends told me. 28 Aug 2016 Any buddies here part of the Gfriend fancafe that knows how to navigate the site and level up? I just recently joined but i have no idea what or how to do anything. Encuentra . Official Carat 2nd Recruitment has been closed in April 2017, if you want to become an Official Carat, just wait until next year. Need a DAUM account click here for our tutorial: (How to sign up for a DAUM account) STEP 1 For this tutorial I have… 10 Jan 2018 Arguably the biggest boy bands in K-Pop, EXO, BTS, and Wanna One have achieved immense success all throughout 2017. Most of the fancafes are in You need to be a Korean resident if you want to join. Daum Cafe is a useful application that connects Daum Cafe's all stories through Android phone. And click 카페 가입하기 to join the fancafe. FANCAFE : This is a chatroom So you need to level up in order to chat with them, or even with other fans. 15 Nov 2017 [CREATING AN ACCT] step by step video would be too long so I'll explain the best that I can - download kakaotalk and daumcafe - create a kakaotalk acct - open daumcafe and log in with that - a screen will pop up asking if you have a daum user (choose no) - create a daum userpic. They will open another batch to level up from July 4 8 PM KST to July 6 8 PM KST. DEC 2015 - posted in Older tutorials: [TUTORIAL] How to join Boyfriends Official Fancafe STEPS: 1- Creating a Daum Account 2- Joining Boyfriends If you still want to learn how to level up to become an "expert member," message me (beatrooot) or hyeonjia here at the forum or through DM on twitter. Periode level up dibuka: 10 Maret 2018 pukul 10AM - 11. 521 || KANG DANIEL || Photo Credit to Owner✨. ARMY II Please note that you CANNOT share the albums bought with the same ARMY who wanna level up for ARMY II. com/p/2qr3lb http://aminoapps. But fret not, there are ways to "cheat", BELIEVE ME. There is currently not a lot of information on the official fanclub. permalink; embed  7 Jul 2017 Few days ago I made this poll http://aminoapps. net/im. Do include the hashtag when posting about Ong :) Tho I'm guilty because I always forget I'll try to remember. Then, go to JJCC's fancafe : http://cafe. net/doublejc If you want to change your pseudo, or put a picture, go in "내 정보", click on "수정" here : And modify your informations. Dengan melakukan level up dari level satu  WANNA ONE OFFICIAL DAUM FAN CAFE STEP 1⃣: Go to https://www. After several seasons pass Even after time passes us Let's never forget our beginning I promise you baby Remember " #WannaOne #Wannable #Wannaonemembership #Wannable1기 #Wannaonealbum #Wannaonepc #Wannaonecollection #kpopcollection #Yoonjisung #Hasungwoon #Hwangminhyun #Ongseungwoo  18 Aug 2017 { SHINee | BTS | Wanna One } • { Oh Hyunmin | Kim Jonghyun | Kim Seokjin | Kim Jaehwan | Jung Sewoon | Zhang Yixing }. 107 Retweets; 76 Likes; minnie ♡ jihoon ♡ riikinmonoko i met wanna one on 180121! ♡ Jo [s/h] Liz Kate 🥕 [반휴트ㅠ] 민티민  OhMyOng-nim, can you have a post to let people using hashtag (#옹성우) when they post something about ong to increase his data index? Thank you~. Step 1: Go to http://www. Some groups/specific idols also have unofficial fancafes which they sometimes post in, and sometimes don't. It has to You need to level up to see messages that members of Berry Good leave for the fans and leave messages to them. php?/topic/1585- tutorial-how 27 Jan 2018 Wanna One Official Fancafe Level Up Tutorial Hi. Go to the Now you have joined the fancafe, all you have to do next is level up so that you can access most of the parts of the fancafe. via askuroppa. Daum is an essential for anyone that wants to join a Fancafe. 07. NU'EST W 1st Mini Album 『W,HERE』. ※ the…” Just wanted to add that the fancafe is free for everyone! You have to level up by answering questions to access more information and other things. Regular Item. you should get a notif once you are leveled up and/or if you get returned. Click "카페 가입하기"(join the fancafe) Step 2. Click the box similar 24 Apr 2014 [TUTO] How to join (+ level up) in JJCC's fancafe. niel) on Instagram: “WANNA ONE Official Fan Cafe Next level up period : 4th July (8PM KST) ~ 6th July (8PM KST) . If you want to check if your level changed click as on the pic. let's look at the first one in a  This tutorial is more on how to find your way to the level up and what is required rather than answers to questions. 3. Full member system operation - Cafe is operated by 1 ID per 1 person Full member system. com/ICxrhuWYIP. Then, join SF9 Fancafe here

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