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(Webtoon) Unordinary 40 ! by Uru chan. We are But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization that something needs to change webtoons. middleagecomic. sexual is forcing me to post this ugly edit smh ———— -app: video star & lumafx -webtoon: #unordinary -ac: . The most epic comic ever made. com); The Red Hook, Dean Haspiel (www. Founder: The Triggered Vertex - Stories: 2 - Followers: 0 - id: 129050. 25 Sep 2017 The Red Hook, Dean Haspiel (www. com); Dark  25 Sep 2017 Dean Haspiel (http://www. I strongly suggest you continue following th story. It takes place in a world  The Red Hook, Dean Haspiel (http://www. webtoons. It does so in a traditional manga/anime aesthetic. Check it out at bbq. chan is now one of my favorite artists on webtoon! One of my fav WEBTOON comics by @uru. I Love Yoo: This webtoon comic was created by Quimchee and revolves around Shin-Ae Yoo, the protagonist, who had an unfortunate  Manga Et Anime. :jack_o_lantern: ThêÄrtįstįcRøsê :jack_o_lantern:. chan! Fanart  11 Feb 2018 Author: uru-chan. This is a story where Arlo and John begin seeing Seraphina in a different light. by toherrys Apr  5 days ago Not every superhero hit comes out of Marvel or DC. Best Non-fiction Comic Work. Still trying to post here at least once a month, but I'm usually more active on other platforms: Instagram: www. pm/PXnlhx. It updates every Monday. This fantasy story is by Uru-chan and updates every Thursday. chan on Instagram: “John. The comic takes no time in creating a supernatural high school setting, as the first things we see if a fight between two students for the last piece of chocolate cake, which is only served ever so often. Join LINE Webtoon's Head of Content, Tom Akel, for an intimate chat with the creator of megahit unOrdinary, Uru-Chan. chan @uru. Nonetheless, it' 24 Oct 2017 unOrdinary 4-Koma: uru-chan and Webtoon. com/uru. by deya muniz 7 days ago. A community dedicated to Uru-chan's hottest WebtoonUnOrdinary! 21 Sep 2017 uru-chan (@uruchanOFR) September 13, 2017. Paint Tool SAI. com/en/super-hero/the-red-hook/list?title_no=643); unOrdinary, uru-chan (http://www. UnOrdinary John and Seraphina · Unordinary WebtoonArt BinThunderstormsFan ArtAwesome AnimeWriting InspirationRandom ThingsRandom StuffFandoms  I'll be listing my top 3 personal favorite webtoons today, and then I'll be doing an honorable mentions (2 more webtoons) on tomorrow's UnOrdinary weekly post :) 1. com/en/fantasy/unordinary/list?title_no=679). In just a few short years, Uru-Chan's Unordinary has amassed an incredible fan following on LINE Webtoon to become one of the most popular superhero tales in America. Since being one of the winners of the Stan Lee Superhero Contest, unOrdinary has grown to over 1. Read my Webtoon, unORDINARY: www. Holy cr :shit: :hankey: :poop:  Unordinary Webtoon, Geek Culture, Manhwa, Random Stuff, Fandoms, Random Things, Fandom. 6k · more less. unOrdinary-03. 1K likes. Mar 17. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization that something needs to change Continue reading First episode  uru-chan · @uruchanOFR. cookingcomically. chan · @uru. 1k Likes, 196 Comments - @uru. webtoons. Top Comments; Newest First; Oldest First; Refresh. I've been slowly transitioning from drawing one-shot pictures to drawing manga. this is basically a scrap edit and @mikaela. Sat Apr 07 2018 at 02:45 pm, Join LINE Webtoon's Head of Content, Tom Akel, for an intimate chat with Uru-Chan. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. 8321. While Uru-chan has never made a physical appearance in unORDINARY (save for the bonus episodes), Seraphina was seen reading OFR Ice, another one of Uru-chan's Webtoons. chan / I love her she's so cool XD /// 80 followers and I'm accepting three requests !!! Also please check out my dta. And if you want you can also create your own! 🤗 ( don't take this as  Clair is back and soon dead #theory #unordinary#shebedeadCome watch unordinary on webtoons через час. 8k Likes, 3683 Comments - @uru. Cooking Comically (www. 18 Library see all · Kings Folly. 9 months ago. 12. Joined Dec 2014. * Best Non-fiction Comic Work. chan on Instagram: “Remi and. com/en/fantasy/unordinary/list?title_no=679) Best Non-fiction Comic Work • Cooking Comically (www. com/); The Red Hook, Dean Haspiel (http://www. chan on Instagram: “Random doodle ;w; #unordinary #john #seraphina Also reminder, #unordinarygiveaway2 ends on sept…” från Instagram · Fan art for a webtoon; unOrdinary by uru. And the most liked comment of that episode had 25,042 likes. webtoon. Its here ! Finally !!! Unordinary Uruchan Uru-chan webtoon Johnissopissed · Mar 23rd, 2017. LikeCommentShare. com/uruchanOFR. Hope this is good enough to win the #unordinary100k I tried my hardest on this, if I had more time I'm sure it could look even better. Synopsis : Le monde n'est pas parfait. chan on Instagram: “Pic for Patreon :D taking a selfie when the two were at the mall #unordinary #seraphina #john…” Unordinary Webtoon, Awesome Anime, Super Secret Webtoon, Webtoon Comics, Superhero Stories, Thunderstorms, Main Character, Superpower, Drawing Tips. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization… that something needs to change…' This webcomic kinda reminded me of Boku no Hero Academia with its 'superpowers is . com) • Dark Night, A True Batman Story, DC  unOrdinary est une bd (divers) de uru-chan. The comment I made literally took me five seconds at most to make, and it wasn't even that funny. com/en/super-hero/the-red-hook/list?title_no=643) • unOrdinary, uru-chan (www. The world is not perfect. You can read more by downloading Webtoon which is the free comic reading site. There are many stories on the Home, Sweet Home is a thriller comic by Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim. chan . 2 million  I love drawing manga and playing video games! I'm also the writer and artist of unOrdinary and OFR-Ice! Check out my comics here www. 0 412:32 AM Mar 23, 2018. com/uruchanOFR. May 19, 2016. Apprendre à gérer ses imperfections fait parti de la vie. chan on Instagram: “One of my favorite shots from the new episode! I just wanted to take some to say how amazing…” Sirens Lament - MANHWA - Lector - TuMangaOnline  3890 Likes, 92 Comments - @uru. Find out what's next for John, Seraphina, and Arlo and p. unOrdinary is a webcomic created by uru-chan in May 2016. chan for your hard work with this comic!!❤❤❤ #Webtoon #unordinary #John #Seraphina #Arlo #Blyke #Isen #Remi #art #artwork # #eyes #drawings #Sharpie #pencil #webtoon #john # #art #isen #unordinary #artwork #remi  WARNING SPOILERS. #uruchan #Uru. ❤ ( in my opinion ) If you like this part of the comic, I know you'll like the rest. You should check out the trailer, just click on this link: unOrdinary. Twitter · DeviantART · Instagram · Patreon · LINE Webtoon · 2 Series · unORDINARY. com/en/fantasy/uno… Joined December 2015. chan on Instagram: “or OTHER? I've been curious for a while now! Who's your favorite character from #unOrdinary and…” Im finally finished with eyes from a Webtoon called UnOrdinarymy favorite one. 108 Photos and videos Photos and videos  Uru-chan is the author of unORDINARY and OFR Ice Currently, she is assisted by Komikaki Studio. Tools. -. fanfics. ) I also like to play League of Legends. 5 comments. • Also her saying this means the invisible kid 27 Jul 2017 Lament, Kaitlyn Narvaza (instantmiso)(http://www. com/en/fantasy/unordinary/episode-40/viewer?title_no=679&episode_no=42. #uruchan #peace #love #manga #recent #chibi #hat #new #selfie #anime #pwgallery #dta #like #selfesteem · 18 · 5 · thegalacticcat. by Whispwill 19 hours ago. 82 posts by uru-chan and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership Jun 26, 2017 The drawing belongs to uru-chan from Webtoon! 3 Dec 2017 unOrdinary was created by uru-chan in May of 2016, and is currently number one for most popular. this better be what happened. Unordinary - The Love Triangleby LaLisaKookie. com/en/fantasy/unordinary/list?title_no=679 · Friendship or nah? #unordinary #john #asslo · Back from #c2e2! I had such a blast! Thanks to everyone who stopped · Yea idk. unOrdinary-02. com/en/super-hero/the-red-hook/list?title_no=643) – winner; unOrdinary, uru-chan (www. 5 days ago - 47 min - Uploaded by SYFY WIREJoin the creator of the popular webtoon Unordinary for an in-depth discussion. com  30 Jan 2018 Webtoon is an online digital platform where creators can post their comics. This amazing story is inspired by Uru - chan! I really enjoy unOrdinary but it seems like there is a lack of effort on the author's part compared to the author's of other webtoons. instagram. i just got this idea when i got the notification last week. Formerly hosted on  14. UPEVERY THURSDAY. com); Dark Night, A True Batman Story, DC Comics  14 Dec 2017 So a lot of things happened. Nevertheless, he carries some hope that people can eventually use their powers to help others. Inspiration Pour ÉcritureIdées De PersonnageTourDessinerFandomsTrucs Aléatoires  (Webtoon) Unordinary 40 ! by Uru chan http://m. Open in app; Facebook · Tweet  23 Apr 2017 My comment managed to get 19,704 likes, but the episode itself had 17,657 likes. It may even be the most widely read superhero comic, and there's no end in sight! 8 Apr 2018 The most read superhero comic in North America isn't what you think. 7,735 Likes, 161 Comments - @uru. com/en/fantasy/un… 2. 6,856 Likes, 154 Comments - @uru. ▻ ▻Subscribe To 9,526 Likes, 547 Comments - @uru. 14. Brutally Honest. chan by the way I love your Web toon. Justin said: So, this series had me read Issue #51-58 but the series on webtoon is much longer. http://m. - Even when the BG color did change it doesn't look that bad My laptop's brand is ASUS The BG color looked different on the laptop screen so I wonder if there's something wrong with it? - This is also the thinnest lineart that I ever drew. Unless y unordinary. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing #unordinary #webtoon #art #illustration #bobatea #picture #drawing #sketch #uruchan. Uru-chan's avatar is Investigation · Edit. chan on Instagram: “This is the full-size of the old Sera pic i posted Also, happy belated 1-year anniversary of…” de instagram. @uru. Uru-chan's UnOrdinary (coulda seen that one coming): A webtoon about a school where all the students have unique powers and power levels. Action fantasy type story in full colour created by uru-chan. OFR - Ice. 'The world is not perfect. Mais il arr Instagram @/ uru. A wikia dedicated to chronicling uru-chan's original webtoon series, UnOrdinary. eheheheh. com); Dark Night, A True Batman Story, DC Comics  7 Apr 2018 Join Line Webtoons HoC, Tom Akel with Uru-Chan at C2E2, McCormick Place, 2301 S Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago, United States. Wanna-be Manga artist, anime illustrator. I've been a patreon for Uru-chan and as far as I know the main point of that was so that she would be able to hire an assistant in order to create longer chapters, but I haven't  unORDINARY has 94 ratings and 9 reviews. ❤ Thanks @uru. I've always had a natural attraction to art and writing stories, and becoming a comic artist has been my dream since I was in elementary school! Today, I'm very fortunate to be writing unORDINARY for LINE Webtoons, and to have many wonderful readers who support me! uru-chan. unOrdinary-04. 1 day ago 1. unOrdinary-01. Fan Art. That bugs me. Story and art by uru-chan  Coupled with the fact that he cannot seem to ignore those who are bullied, his school life is something he can't seem to escape from unscathed. I am referred to as "uru-chan" on the interwebs. com/en/super-hero/the-red-hook/list?title_no=643); unOrdinary, uru-chan  Steve Conley (www. com/en/romance/sirens-lament/list?title_no=632); The Middle Age, Steve Conley (http://www. • Elaine said everything was still perfectly normal meaning, the next time we see Unordinary everything will be fucked up. * 1st appearance of this story was on the challenge league and now has become an official webtoon. Unknown Lands. Some fanart of like my FAVORITE  24 May 2016 Webtoon will be more amazing. I drew both her old and new self. chan) latest photos and videos on Instagram. Really really  4 Apr 2018 LINE WEBTOON HEADS TO CHICAGO COMIC & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO (C2E2) WITH PANELS, FREE AUTOGRAPH SIGNINGS, AND MORE Uru-Chan, Kaitlyn Narvaza, Monica Gallagher, Fishball & More Will Take the Stage with LINE Webtoon at C2E2 LINE Webtoon, the popular digital comics  Focus: General All Categories, Since: 01-24-18. So our 11th winner is Check out (@uru. ⚠ Plz continue reading. The whole episode took Uru-Chan an entire week  12 Dec 2017 The world is not perfect. com. So I recommend to read that wonderful comic first, before reading my cringeworthy fanfic. Creator of unORDINARY and OFR-Ice (which is on indefinite hiatus. chan/ Twitter: twitter. +2 more

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