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Transportation Broker 4. On Sunday the Times reported that the TLC hack license exam will have fewer questions on geography, since drivers can use GPS to navigate the city. Google maps. I've been noticing this hack with greater frequency over the past few months yet the TNC's have done nothing about it. We discover a method of GPS spoofing with low-cost SDR devices. A newbie guide to the good and bad of Uber. "We own our cars and all expenses that come with it. 22 Feb 2017 launch GPS spoofing attacks against location-based applications. The terrible thing is that Uber's GPS is so messed up, it was telling me that the guy was on top of the bridge and the GPS literally told me to stop in the middle of the road to If you can't hack Uber, quit already. I could review the scripts that the transportation team in Bangkok built to flag London couriers who used fake GPS location to get more dispatch orders. But they don't have to be. It pinpoints your location via GPS, translates that into a street address and then texts the Uber service with the info. Rideshare giant Uber has been CEO Dara Khosrowshahi released a statement today indicating that Uber concealed a massive security breach in 2016. On the Next  21 Dec 2017 "Some passengers actually believe that Uber provides things for drivers, like our phones or GPS, or that they pay for the gas or repairs," a driver said. g. Fullstop197 wrote: There is a lot of debate between using gps and own route which we are familiar. We had checked every . “Don't make this about us against Uber,” said Kevin, 52, a black-cab driver. 29 Oct 2014 At that point, they'll either call the driver and let them know their real address or wait for the driver to pick them up and tell them “the GPS must be wrong”. Juli 2017 GPS-Standort faken unter Android. Pro tip: Ask about the fare on the phone and be sure to bring  16 Nov 2014 The Uber smartphone app allows riders to request a pickup and then track their driver's progress via their phone's GPS. The Uber-App's  1 Aug 2014 Smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel. Uber is at the forefront of Waze differs from other GPS apps in that it is community-driven, gathering complimentary map data and traffic information from it's users. From staying in touch with folks back home to apps of all sorts, our phones play a big role in 21st-century travel but they also can be really expensive. . These are the must have app's and hacks that you need to know before your next trip to Bali and Indonesia. Among other things, this  27. These nine hacks will save you money and improve your mobile travel  27 Nov 2016 Get Started with Uber Trick Unlimited Free Ride Hack. The details are . Telecommunication Carriers and Information Service Providers C. “It's a huge trove of data that could  24 Jun 2016 Here at Integrity we love to be challenged, so whenever there is some free time, there is encouragement to do research or to break some things (http://labs. It first depends on which app we using. The new system is based on Gurafu, our new routing engine, and Flux, Uber's first historical traffic system based on GPS data we collect from partner phones. Then Clear data of all three app. 7 million driver accounts as well. Dazu öffnen Sie die Android-Einstellungen und tippen dort auf "Über das Telefon". Saran ane dari pengalaman pake uber partner 1. Using hacked Uber customer accounts, the scammer then pretends to be both driver and rider, moving each device's GPS location as if a ride really was  8 Dec 2016 Uber riders have been using a gps hack in order to avoid surge charges. Simple and minimalistic UI is implemented Get the source, hack and tune it for your city. Written with  Proposed changes to the Taxicab Ordinance to allow use of electronic GPS metering, removal of marker lights and modification of exterior colors and size of The County's hack inspector, an officer in the Arlington Police Department, is responsible for addressing the licensing of drivers and inspection of taxicabs as well as  1 Nov 2017 UBER Free Rides Trick Unlimited UBER Free Rides Coupon Using this uber hack Trick you can get Free Unlimited uber Rides from Uber by this uber hack After login, close uber app completely and Now open fake gps app and enter 'BANGKOK'; Now it will ask you to change mobile number than Enter  18 Nov 2014 Lyft's GPS app gives drivers more flexibility in routing, and gives riders more flexibility in tipping. [3] Parmy Olson. google. It will overwrite your current proximity elegantly so that  15 Mar 2017 “Previously we had a hacked together experience, using a combination of APIs to provide in-app navigation. Commercial insurance, commercial driving license (hack license), airport/seaport permits, FHV county permit, regular vehicle inspections, yearly driver's drug & physical tests I had assumed that the drivers would have GPS. All gas, maintenance, and repairs are all on the driver — Uber and Lyft pay absolutely nothing toward  28 Oct 2016 Tags: latest working uber otp bypass trick october 2016 uber unlimited ride trick 2016 latest working uber otp bypass trick 2016 uber unlimited trick uber unlimited accounts trick to create unlimited uber accounts with single mobile number uber apk download fake gps apk download uber hack 2016 uber  8 Dec 2017 It has recently come to light that the company was hacked in 2016 in a massive breach that exposed the personal information of more than 57 million Uber users and drivers. Where users were concerned, names, email addresses and phone numbers were compromised. We used our in-house  The collar box contains a GPS module, tilt switch, and a RFM69 transceiver. Not yet 19 and new to San Francisco, Aladdin had near-zero English, his GPS was useless, and was utterly lost. , Google Maps, Waze, Yelp, Uber), others will use it for more nefarious reasons, like to "better provide" you with targeted ads. pt/advisories/) in addition to play foosball. Airbnb and TaskRabbit have generated both huge market . com/store/apps/details?id=top. It has all your questions answered: If you still need help - send us an email! http://incorporateapps. Then I got an Uber account and now my feelings are more mixed still. Work smarter. Uber was hacked, losing data on 57 million driver and rider accounts. This last example will be different from all the other sensor projects so far. When using my bot, I type 'book',  13. This is where spoofing your location comes in handy. 28 Jun 2015 He could then request a trip as a rider, let the booking show up on Uber's GPS tracking software as his car heads to the airport and then get paid by If a driver doesn't have a hacked phone, he can go into one of several invitation-only online forums and request a fake fare from professional ride-bookers. The app utilizes following APIs to collect information: Google maps direction API, Distance matrix API, Geo-fencing, Google Place API,  28 Jun 2017 From sexual abuse to invasion of privacy, stealing wages from drivers, misappropriating intellectual property, spying on a whistleblower, charging passengers non-existent fees, violence, tracking government employees with special software, hacking smartphones to follow users even when the Uber app is  Uber has announced that its standalone food delivery app UberEATS will be making its debut in India shortly. I had signed up for Uber 4 months ago but have never used it. . für Spiele wie Pokémon Go. 2016 Derzeit gibt es drei Möglichkeiten zur Handyortung: über das Mobilfunknetz (oft wird im Netzt als Handynummer orten falsch genannt – weiter mehr dazu), über GPS und über WLAN. You will learn how to choose the best uber designation for your vehicle (what type of partner you are going to be). 50 million rider accounts were accessed. Regardless, Uber  BACKGROUND ON TRANSPORTATION REGULATION, UBER, AND ANTICOMPETITIVE LEGISLATION A. In this paper, we propose an attack model . In recent months, Uber has been utilizing the gyrometers, accelerometers, and GPS technology found in smartphones to keep track of how well drivers are taking care of their passengers. Last week, Lyft finally made a small  to what's at the heart of a car service. Based on the news that has been coming out from Uber, I think it's time for our industry to re-focus on the ethics of what we do. Learn What is Uber app? Read more in-depth articles about Uber app, hacker news, hacking news, hackernews, online cyber security degree, network security, zero day malware, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing, deep web, dark web, computer virus protection, internet  17 Nov 2017 So for a long time Uber Eats wasn't available in my area, this didn't bother me that much since I don't eat a lot of takeaways. Tell the app you're available and trip  2 Jul 2016 And from that came the aggressive policy which Uber watchers are calling the regulatory hack. Louis to be Miller and Valasek's digital crash-test dummy, a willing subject on whom they could test the car-hacking research they'd Their hack enables surveillance too: They can track a targeted Jeep's GPS coordinates, measure its speed, and even drop pins on a map to trace its route. Penghemat battery dinonaktifkan. 30 Jul 2014 Update: CBS San Francisco reports that Uber is disabling the illegal app and passengers affected by it will receive a refund. This hack allows you to use Uber where you can't and also travel hack the rates. Insbesondere die „Raw data“ zeigen eine schier unglaubliche Datenfülle, nicht zuletzt auch durch die geschickte Koppelung mit den Smartphone-Sensoren wie dem GPS-Chip für die  Ordering a lift from the ride-sharing Uber App for the first time is as easy as a couple taps on a smartphone. Quora User, Android app developer. mockloc. here in this post i am going to share a trick to get unlimited free uber rides . The app also has a GPS system that will help you navigate the fastest way to your passenger's pick-up locations and destinations. Finally, most local car service drivers are NYC natives, so they know the best routes to take during traffic jams and unforeseen roadblocks. At any time of day, there His GPS said there was a faster way, but he obeyed the passenger anyway and made a right on the red. Die genaueste Handyortung wird über WLAN ermittelt. Security experts say no taxi company, no car service, no private entity of any kind has ever presented the kind of cyber-espionage target that Uber now does. 5 DoorDash Hacks for 2018. 25 Mar 2016 Since a recent road trip through the South included a number of Uber rides in New Orleans, Nashville, and Atlanta—compounded with our ride-sharing experience in New York City and San Francisco—we've landed upon a few hacks. The charges against Wu Yingzhuo, Dong Hao and Xia Lei, who  27 Jul 2017 This is the most comprehensive guide to rideshare accessories for Uber and Lyft drivers online. Krn ada aplikasi seperti green power akan menonaktifkan data setiap beberapa menit jadi bagusnya pake aja green power kalo lagi offline. We also chatted with a longtime Uber driver in Nashville (who preferred  created in dost app 6 ) it asks for update num update to any 10dig random number 7) now call and verify call comes on the number used in dost app 8)accept call and press 1 done account is verified. sharing firms can also “hack” local political blockages by bypassing—thus reducing—the influence of incumbent firms, . (Uber) is a tech startup that provides ride sharing services by facilitating a connection between independent time of arrival from the driver on their smartphone with the use of an integrated GPS system. Dog Escape Alarm and Tracking The GPS location is constantly being sent from the dog unit to the OpenHAB Raspberry Pi at home, via the same gateway previously detailed. By Alistair Charlton. They use an app called Lockito. And there is a hack for uber btw Spoofing is easily detectable, there are many ways of knowing that (checking phone options, shecking real gps fix signal, scanning ram) Even seeing mons on accounts that were  29 Jun 2016 By hacking into driver smartphones, that's how. All you have to do is use the software and you are ready to  Helpful hacks and Insightful ideas for making the most of the Uber Lyft price war. ” That meant no control over crucial elements of the in-app navigation experience; Uber didn't have control over the size of labels on display for things like street names and places, nor which to show  3 Nov 2015 In April 2015, we globally launched our new routing engine which allowed us to have a more accurate ETA prediction system. 29 Jun 2015 London, United Kingdom - Controversial car-ride booking application Uber says it has tightened security after user accounts were hacked and hit with hefty bills . 19 Sep 2017 Challenges of driving a taxi in the age of Uber. 2) Now search for Uber App, Gmail app and Google play store. screwing with GPS, open/closed streets, etc. One driver told me that if he could ditch Uber and just drive for Lyft, he would - but he can't make a living without Uber, because "that's where the rides are. Being technologically cool 11 months ago [-]. The service is currently Uber covered up a hack that compromised 57 million accounts. Although the charge was only $7 I told Uber my account had been hacked. We also chatted with a longtime Uber driver in Nashville (who preferred  12 Oct 2016 “Sometimes, it just doesn't makes sense waiting for the passenger to come, and if it is peak traffic times, we cancel the ride and ensure that the customer pays for it. integrity. a1024bytes. Food delivery platform Where Uber's Self-Driving Technology is Going, and What Drivers Should Do About It. The moment the GPS signal strays beyond a virtual boundary defined in  24 Nov 2017 The disclosure came as SoftBank conducts due diligence on the ride-hailing company ahead of a potential investment, Uber said in an emailed statement. Lawmakers have also sent letters to Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's chief executive, questioning the company about the hacking. History of Transportation Law B. 14 Feb 2017 Steps To Get Unlimited Free Uber Ride : Open the Fake GPS Location app. https 15 Aug 2015 As some of you may already know, and just in case you don't know, Uber can be hacked. And Uber paid $100,000 to  15 Mar 2017 However, unlike Lyft, there is no way to add a tip at the end of the ride using the Uber app. In essence, the app is just shortcuts to these services and makes us wonder why Uber can't make an app. as you know uber is one of the largest cab  20 Sep 2017 Learn how to drive for Uber and start your own taxi business today by following our 4 easy steps. Android  7 Jan 2016 "Uber also collects the geographic location of riders and drivers in real time," according to the statement from Schneiderman's office. You consider this a "hack"? . “So difficult!” he muttered, as I tried to  1 Dec 2016 Last year, Uber gave us a heads-up about its new privacy policy and how it had given itself permission to routinely track our locations even after we've left the car, following us as we sally forth into businesses, cross the street, or head for our doctors' appointments, even if the app is only running in the  22 Sep 2016 Based on his learnings from building our two bots, Pep and Attendancebot, he built a productivity hack that has saved our team a ton of… Booking a cab requires me to pay attention, ensure GPS is locked on properly, picking a destination, picking the right flavor of Uber. Uber was hacked. Alternativ gibt es auch eine Navigation über eine Weltkarte. Recently, there was an “Internet of Things Hack Day” competition held by the local Arduino group here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA). on the Uber app is different from the route (same start and endpoint) when I use UberX, since the more direct route (which is in the app and the driver's GPS when I  Free and open source alternative to Uber/Lyft connecting passengers and drivers. "Anybody can go online and get access to this, buy it really quickly, and just assemble it, and there you go, you have a  What to link Uber with: Link Uber with SPG and stay once to get 1 point for every 2 dollars (base earning rate). But Uber has now agreed under the settlement "to maintain and store GPS-based location information in a password-protected environment, and encrypt the information  24 Nov 2017 - 2 minCNBC's Deirdre Bosa reports the latest on the cyber hack at Uber and whether there's a Maximum Uber Ridesharing Profits: How To Increase Your Earnings As A Uber Driver. there are already plenty of distractions in a modern car sans cell phone—adjusting the AC, changing the radio station, or even using a traditional GPS. Instead of investigating they told me it was a legitimate charge and even if my bank refunded the charge I would still owe Uber the  20 Dec 2014 Abstract—Time and position data of mobile devices are trusted without checking by most vendors and developers. uber GPS tracking lawsuit EPIC Uber drivers are using hacked smartphones to earn money from fake fares (Uber). As for why you'd want to do it - sure, sitting at home on your couch while you wait for a fare, as a driver, would be great - especially if it showed your location as the end of your street at the cafe  24 Jan 2017 The scammer will need to buy a second phone, and install a GPS location spoofer on it and their 'driver' phone, or boot up an emulator on their laptop. 2016. Dann schalten Sie die Android-Entwicklereinstellungen frei. Uber drivers are using hacked smartphones and members of private  19 Oct 2017 Learn step-by-step, how to save money on taking an Uber from any airport. Alistair Charlton. UBER is under threat as new . I took this opportunity to form a team to work on this  27 Nov 2017 The US has charged three Chinese nationals for hacking Moody's Analytics, Siemens and GPS maker Trimble, accusing them of stealing sensitive information including emails of a prominent employee at Moody's and intellectual property. 7k Views · View Upvoters. By analyzing data, Uber can find out whether or not drivers are braking  We assembled a FAQ list so please read it carefully before emailing us or adding a review. hacked for credit card information. A wide range of data was stolen. 7. The method can be used to alter the location status as well as the time of affected devices, which poses a security threat to  20 Feb 2018 But I've never felt sorrier for anyone than one new Uber driver the other night. 15 Aug 2016 Niantic have updated Pokemon Go and can now ban players for life - with no hope of them ever getting their accounts back. Here's the thing, taking KFC and Wimpy for example, there's a  27 Nov 2017 At least three lawsuits related to the data breach have been filed against Uber. Add features specific to your region. Save your gas and minimize your expenses as much as  Uber taken for a ride by scammer drivers earning profit from bogus fares. has an addictive gaming aspect – earning your stars, catching a wave of surge charging, finding out where your next trip is about to take you once the passenger gets in and triggers the GPS co-ordinates. It is commonly known as 'No  Hack uber fake gps and simulate route ! https://play. (If you cant see developer options, then go to ” About Device ” and click on ” build number ” ( mi users click on ” MIUI VERSION ” ) multiple times). You can fake locate yourself where ever you want to be. (Once you're in the car, be sure to close the Uber app, as the GPS it uses sucks  1 Jun 2017 16-year-old girl walked out of a suburban Chicago Walmart holding a machete and knife she'd stolen, climbed into an Uber car and began hacking at the driver, prosecutors said at a hearing on Wednesday. 12 May 2017 Uber faces stiff competition as private hire drivers fight back with new GPS Zoom solution. Jangan pake fake gps ato hindari kegiatan hack. On Monday, Uber faced a joint suit filed by Illinois and Chicago over the data breach. Senator Richard  18 May 2017 The ever-expanding operations of Uber are defined by two interlocking and zealously guarded sets of information: the things the world-dominating ride-hailing The company holds files on the GPS points for the trips you most frequently take; how much you've paid for a ride; how you've paid for a ride; how  24 Nov 2015 It's time to make Uber a little more… uber. Krn biasanya aplikasi partner  21 Jul 2015 I'd come to St. As of November 2017, when the attack was publicly revealed, Uber admitted that it was required to disclose the hack because driver's license information was In Lagos, Nigeria, Uber drivers used apps to override phone GPS, causing Uber's app to record a longer route than was actually taken and inflating the fares  27 Nov 2017 Uber Data Hack. When It's an extremely elegant use of technology to, in effect, hack the legal system. Use the app so you can fake the gps on the go. 9 Sep 2015 It's a neat hack that saves him time, but it doesn't get around the issue of letting you know how long the car will take to arrive, or if Uber is in Surge Pricing. The hack is basically GPS based. Common Carrier 2. 3) After that Download Hide Mock Location App apk (Search in google) 4) After that Add Uber app in Fake Gps  15 Dec 2011 It uses your phone's GPS and Uber's sophisticated traffic models to tell you how close the nearest car is (always less than 10 minutes away during my three field tests) and if you like the proposition, you press the button. But it took Jonathan Petit just $43 and a laser pointer to confuse and defeat them. Uber The Philadelphia Parking Authority, has called uberX a “hack” taxi and has impounded some vehicles and fined drivers, although the company has paid those fines for drivers. We were hunting for City Tow – my Fiat Bambino had vanished – and sobbing. 2016 Es gibt einige Apps, mit denen Sie das GPS auf dem Android-Smartphone austricksen können – z. The much-loved and much-hated on-demand ride sharing service can be bent to your will with a few apps  25 Mar 2016 Since a recent road trip through the South included a number of Uber rides in New Orleans, Nashville, and Atlanta—compounded with our ride-sharing experience in New York City and San Francisco—we've landed upon a few hacks. uber-logo. LibreTaxi makes ridesharing affordable by With no GPS tracking goes easy on your phone's battery. By Trenovision at November 01, 2016  2 Aug 2017 In case if you are wondering, the app frequently needs to communicate ETAs, GPS location, calculate the shortest distances, and other information that may be required. Black cabs hate them. B. The London Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) argues that lack of regulation skews the market in favour of Uber, which uses GPS technology to  1 Dec 2014 Wouldn't that strike you as a hacking opportunity of remarkable awesomeness? It's a safe bet that you're not alone. Uber could upgrade its data-base security  Answer 21 of 37: I heard today that Uber has started to operate in some of the states larger cities. By becoming an uber driver, you will learn the ins and outs of writing as a ride I received an email receipt for a Uber ride I never took. Likewise, widespread GPS tracking allows for both better customer service  17 Nov 2017 Second, you can schedule a car ahead of time, so you're not at the mercy of the GPS dot on your Uber app. 2 May 2016 Hi friends as we all know about cab services in India like Uber cab ,Meru cab & Ola Cab etc. Turn on ” Allow mock locations ” option in settings>Developer options. I could copy Toronto's  Uber isn't just a single startup, it's essentially dozens of startups rolled into one because every time they enter a new city they have to establish themselves from having cabbies talk on the phone, text, and otherwise not pay attention to what they're doing, or who relied on their GPS devices more than their knowledge of the  15 Dec 2016 Today's self-driving cars rely on spinning sensors called lidar that can cost more than $10,000 each. Als Android-Nutzer laden Sie als erstes die kostenlose App Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free auf ihr Handy. This is a common hack. " Both this discussion between drivers and the overall  23 Jun 2015 Uber Technologies Inc. Related video of spoof. Now as the scandal hit company loses income from users who illegally had money taken from their bank accounts and hacking, other providers are stepping in to mop up the market. We (@r0t1v, @fjreis, @fabiopirespt) decided to use this time to jump into some bug bounties. We also have new information from Chris, the driver who alerted the media to the problem, and from a driver named Simon, who said he used the hack after SFO officials blocked  30 Nov 2014 While there are many apps that need your location in order to function properly (e. Die Möglichkeit der GPS Ortung, worüber wir weiter sprechen  In the past five years, sharing economy firms like Uber, Zipcar,. 28 Nov 2017 - 31 minOur tech panel looks at how Uber (secretly) handled last year's hack and the controversy . current storytime are illegally using electronic countermeasures, to slow down opposing cab companies' vehicles. 18. The company kept it quiet for over a year. Setzen Sie den Pin auf den gewünschten Standort und klicken Sie  25 Nov 2017 We had applied every growth hack that had made Uber successful, from Give-Get referrals to in-app ads. If using the Android app, they could have easily run 1 or more copies in an emulator on a desktop system, setting GPS to whatever they wanted. What they do is use a fake location app to put themselves just out of the surge zone. you want to know the effect Uber and Lyft are having on New York City's yellow cabs, just take a ride to JFK's taxi parking lot. Also find out how much you can make. 1) First Go to Setting and Go to Apps option. In this guide written by expert drivers, you'll learn everythin. This hack can help by getting surges when you are not close by. Jan. Here is the newest way every driver can hack the system and manipulate the GPS tracking. Answered Mar 23, 2016. In that way, we don't lose our incentive,” says a cab driver present on both Ola and Uber. Juli 2015 Die App zeigt so gut wie alles, vom aktuellen CO2-Ausstoß über die Position des Gaspedals bis zur Querbeschleunigung. I've been kicking around this dog tracker idea for a while. 17 Apr 2015 I had mixed feelings about Uber, the global “app-based transportation network” (translation: cabs you get with your phone). If you're pretty satisfied with Uber the way it is, let me state a plain fact: it is very possible to hack Uber to be cheaper, more powerful and/or more convenient. html. You can also cancel your ride ($10 charge) all with the convenient touch of a button. Forbes, 2016. Okt. Transportation Law Today 1. Around 2 - 3 weeks ago I checked the app again and it was available in my area, only a couple of restaurants though. its mens now you can hack Uber account and get unlimited Uber account as much as you want. 2. com/fake_gps_free_faq. Hack uber fake gps and simulate route ! 3. Plus, using a spoofed location will let you  Join the beta test program here On Google Play Here Get The Latest Version Here I Created an app that will automate the process of logging your trips,… But in this video, you can see the guy trying to use a spoofing app with the uber drivers app. Aber es existieren Risiken beim GPS-Hack. What you really need is a single push button that will call an Uber car on your phone to wherever you are using GPS to take you home when your too  9 Mar 2015 complain of competition from Uber and Lyft, the Taxi and Limousine Commission appears to be making it easier for applicants to acquire a hack license. "Be sure to put in your correct pick-up and drop-off points, as estimates or rides without specific drop-offs can sometimes be overestimated on the fares set by Uber, which will cost you more," she explains. “It's us against  26 Oct 2017 Uber drivers now have a way to inflate your fare using a fake GPS app to route your trip through waypoints. Note : Note : Don't Forget to Clear Uber app Data EveryTime and use fake gps. June 30, 2015 12:36 BST. 22 Jan 2016 Waze has you covered. Contract Carrier 3. a destination in the application as a normal Uber passenger and launches attack from the back seat. Hacking A Phone's GPS May Have Just Got Easier. 5 Feb 2014 A pending lawsuit against Uber says the smartphone car service is partially responsible for a little girl's death by encouraging illegal distracted driving. 14 Jun 2017 - 4 min - Uploaded by Driver JoeUber drivers app tips hints hacks and manipulation I wouldn't suggest doing this the whole 3 Aug 2017 - 5 min - Uploaded by oZzoz MUSAEducational only to show it is possible with bug that allows it. pro Ever wonder why Uber makes you update the app 3 times in one week? Its because it was hacked and they put new systems into place to try and stop the hack
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